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Spring Cleaning for the Spirit

The weather warms, the birds begin singing and buds sprout up with a promise to fill the world with the colour green.  Spring has arrived.  There is a lightness in your body – a “spring” in your step.  You want to feel the freshness of the season, so you do some spring cleaning in your home.  It feels good.  But there is something more to this ritualistic home cleanse.  You may not realize it, but when you move the physical stuff of your life, you are also moving energy.


Think about it.  You may have noticed that when you go through an energetic expansion or shift, there is a physical counter-movement.  If you haven’t noticed it before, you may realize it now.  Otherwise, now that it has entered your awareness, you will likely notice this pattern in future shifts.

What has this to do with our crystal friends.  Well they are so pure in their vibrations that their mere presence can spark a movement of stagnant energy.  All crystals have this potential to shift energy.  You can call on them to join you in the cleansing of your space – whether it’s your home or your body or your emotions or your mind.

crystalcleanse - 38c

Don’t forget about the mind.  There is such a thing as a cluttered mind.  Think about all those stagnant recurrent, critical thoughts that float about in there.  Our thoughts create quite a bit of clutter and can do with some cleansing.  The loving, gentle energy of crystals do inspire loving, gentle thoughts.  So you can see that just in their presence, they can inspire great shifts in energy.


As I speak to you about this an image rises up in my mind of a group of sparkling, vibrant  Quartz Cluster Crystal beings.  They are singing in response to our talk of spring cleaning.  They have volunteered to help you with your spring cleanse.   I would also invite in the Salt crystals to join you in this cleanse.  A star song too … hmmm … it seems I’m being inspired to create a special CRYSTAL CLEANSE package to offer you as I am writing this blog.  When I went to gather the crystals, I discovered that there were 2 sets of 11 clusters for a total of 22.  For some reason these sparkling Crystal Cleanse Clusters had me gather them in 2 separate groups.


Any of your crystal companions can be a wonderful presence if you want to co-create your own personal circle for your Crystal Cleanse.  But if you’d like one of the clusters that are singing here, I’ll let you know how to get one in this month’s newsletter – or you can get in touch for more details.