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Song of Time

Crystals with Time Link faces have been showing up quite a bit here lately.  It seems every other crystal I pick up is a time link.  So I asked …

What are you showing us?  What is the significance of your “TIMING”?

I got an answer and if felt too important to keep to myself, so I thought I’d share it here in this month’s blog.  This is the answer I heard …

The time links are showing us that while we are so focussed on what we expect to happen through the 2012 shift, there is something we are not noticing.  Our expectations are clouding our perception of what is actually occurring.

“Let go of your focus of “the day” 21/12, which is easier now that it is behind you.  Magic abounds on all your days.  21/12 is just one of those days among the many that offer you an opening to the magic of your innate being.

Time, you see is simply one more part of who you are.  It is not some separate space and it is not something you are trapped within.  It is a part of who you are.  It is a facet of your being.  You cannot separate yourself from it any more than you can separate yourself from your heart.  They are both dimensions of who you are.

You can touch time as easily as you touch your skin.  And as your skin, it does not trap you but keeps you held in a protective embrace, guarding your presence in this physical existence.

It is “time” to see time in a new light.”

Listen to the message time has for you.  It is powerfully profound.   It is a secret that you’ve kept in your heart with the turning of many moons.  Time has come to reveal that secret.  Let go of what you once though it to be.  When you can be open to seeing time as it is, rather than what you believed it to be, you will be gifted with the surprise of your lifeTIME.


The time link crystals have been showing up for a reason.  They have come to support you in this revelation.  They have come to open a gateway to ease communication.  You don’t need a time link crystal to access this message, for it comes from you, but they are here should you choose to accept their support.  (I will be listing the time link crystals as they are available, but please feel free to get in touch if you would like one and they are none currently available.)


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