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Song of Novaculite

Forget my name ….  

Focusing on my name will only distract us from who we really are.

Close your eyes and see us.  We are right here.  We have not gone away.  We are always here.

Let go of what you think you see … even with closed eyes.  Do not try to remember us, because you did not see our true form anyway.  You saw only what your expectations allowed you to see.

Keep your eyes closed and forget who we were or who you thought we were and now see who we truly are … when you see our form, see also the spaces around our form.  See the curves and the lines.  See the light and the shadow.  See all the colours that are there – not just the ones you are familiar with.

The artist must learn to do this – to see the full spectrum of colour and light that is present to be able to capture the true essence of her subject.  This is true creativity … SEEING what is truly there [what is already there].

Seeing without judgement and expectation.  Just really seeing.

To be able to do this, we must be able to let go of what we thought was there – what we thought we knew – what we thought we wanted to see.

We must release “knowing” and begin SEEING.

All that is KNOWN is illusion, for NO THING can be truly known from without.


We are taught many things in our lives and even those teachings are known only by our expectations and determined by our boundaries.  If someone speaks to us of the colour red and we have never seen or experienced RED before, then how can we truly know it.  We can think we understand, and even visualize and assign an image to RED and in doing so when we one day come across true RED, will not recognize it.

It sounds simple and we know that we do this, but still we deny it.

We become so attached to the words, thoughts and beliefs that we have assigned the things/people and places in our lives, that we don’t want to let go, even if and when those “labels” are not pleasant.  At least we know them – they are familiar to us. 

We like to know – we want to know – we feel that we NEED to know.

But we can’t truly know something, until we let go of the KNOWING of it.

To truly know a thing we must be SEEING it without judgement.  Judgement comes from what we believe we know.  So we must let go of what we know and open our hearts and simply SEE.  Not with our eyes, but with our hearts – our true essence.  And to be able to see from this place, we must KNOW ourselves.   [“KNOW THYSELF”]

To truly know ourselves, we must let go of all that we think we know and SEE ourselves in our true light – in the full spectrum of colour, in shadow and light … not from what comes from outside ourselves, but from within – in true light.

We must let go of all that we ever believed ourselves to be and see what is really there.

This is not as hard as we immediately BELIEVE it will be.  It need not take the same “years” that it has taken to come to these beliefs.  It can be done right now, in this very moment by simply SEEING; by simply BEING.

We don’t need to DO anything, or feel anything, or say anything, or learn anything, or ingest anything, or go anywhere.

We simply need to let go [let it be] … that’s it.

There are no ties or bonds holding the labels we’ve assigned and the beliefs we’ve adopted, except those that we BELIEVE are there.

Really – even letting them go is a thing that we believe.  We don’t even really need to do that.

It’s really more of a progression of understanding that is arrived at through those words … even this we need not “attach” to.

It’s really only a matter of beginning to SEE what is really there.

That’s it.  SIMPLY SEE.   

I SEE … I   C 


NOTE:  I kept forgetting the name of this stone being and now I see why … it is part of its teaching … as is the way they came to me – not knowing when they would arrive – all the delays – as was not knowing which were heated and tumbled.

I normally include metaphysical information with the listings, but in this case, I was guided to allow these stone being’s song to stand alone.