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Song of Citrine Lemurian Gift Crystals

A group of Citrine Lemurian Crystals volunteered to be given away to those who don’t have the means to pay for a crystal with currency …

The light we reflect will help guide you through a place that feels very dark.  The once clear tones of direction have become but a whisper.  We will amplify those sounds for you.

But know this … that light we show you is your own, shining brightly from the essence of your being.  It illuminates your beauty and splendour.

The words of wisdom that you seek are there within you.  No other being is wiser about your heart and soul than you.

You are filled with this light and wonder … with wisdom and guidance.  It flows through you like rivers of sparkling clear crystal waters.

Look to us … you will see your reflection in our sparkle.  We offer nothing but your own reflection; but that picture is a treasure beyond measure.

Dig your hands in it.  Pull out the jewels that sparkle the brightest.  Hold it up to the light – your light and see how beautiful it is.

Don’t count your treasures.  There are far too many to put a number on.  Just enjoy each one as it is revealed to you.  Can you see it.  Don’t be afraid to look.  Look deeply.  Gaze at this beauty.  Your gaze will only make it shine more brightly.

If you don’t see the greatness you hold in the mirror, let us show it to you in our reflection … our dazzle, our sparkle, our golden light, our natural beauty.  These things are all you.

Look … you will see.


© Song of Stones 2008