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Song of Cave Pearl

Our formation may seem to be happenstance and our appearance unintentional … perhaps because so few of us are discovered.

But we are not here by chance and every last curve is purposeful.  Just as our presence and shape has purpose, so too does our location – the exact spot in which we decide to appear.

Don’t worry … that we are here with you now has a very special purpose too.  It was our choice to be discovered and to be here now.

(I find myself in a cave – it is large and spacious.  I feel the texture of the walls – they are the same as the pearl.)

There is a unique sensation standing in a cave.  Sound moves here in a very unique and special way.

If you’ve ever spoken through a microphone, you know that your voice sounds different – not just louder – but there is a difference too.  It is a pleasant difference.  There is an appeal in playing with the voice this way.

We are to the cave, as the mic is to your voice … a way of pleasantly playing with the sound you project.  That is why our positioning is so “key”.

It is not coincidence your word for key means both a way to to unlock a sealed door and is related to sound and song.

We are the keys of the cave …our presence can unlock – open up – sounds that would otherwise never be heard.

Our presence shifts sound but then again so does anything that you bring into your field of energy – your space – your cave.  We are not unique in what we do but we are unique in how we do it – in our expression  – our tone – our key.

We have come here now more so to show you how ALL things have a resonant effect, rather than just show you our unique expression … though we do both, as you wish, openly and freely.

We have come to help support you in refining your listening in ways you have not yet imagined.

Yes … that’s right … visuals are part of that – even though it involves a sense you don’t always equate with listening, it is part of this art.

When you look at the images that are sent to you, without expectation and without trying to “figure” them out – put labels on them – that is listening.  When you act or react to something you hear or see, you are creating noise.  You can’t hear everything clearly over this noise – so you can’t be fully listening to what is there.  But when you are still, you create a space not only in which to hear what is there, but also what is created from the sounds that move without any interference.

Think of the difference between throwing a pebble out into a still pond rather than a rapid river.  The ripples created in the stillness move outwards for quite a distance.  The pebble in the rapids is barely noticed.

Listen now to the song we sing.  Listen in a new way.   Open to sounds you didn’t believe were possible, yet have always been present.

Try it.  Then we will show you that there are many ways in which you can communicate … ways to be heard.  yes … that’s right.  It works both ways … listening … and being heard.

Not bad for a little lump of clay.

Cave Pearl Song – Part 2

We are about bringing memories buried in the the dark out into the light.   We reveal those deepest, darkest secrets hidden among the many layers, tightly stacked in an inconspicuous covering.  Even that there are layers here, is hidden.

We are not the sparkly gem that dazzles the eye and holds great value to those seeking riches in jewels.  We are the subtle stone created of the dust of time compacted in layers upon layers, hiding a treasure more valuable than any other imaginable.  We are keepers of the secrets of time itself.

We are the key to unlocking those secrets within you – which have been covered in layer upon layer of fear and denial.  You will not be able to keep them locked in the dark any longer.  And you will discover that while you were hiding these dark parts, you were also burying something else with them.  Your light.  You had buried the light with the dark and what was showing was the covering.  The costumes that you’d wrapped yourself in were what you were showing the world.  And you know what happened along the way … you got caught up in the illusion … you forgot yourself … you forgot your light while hiding from the dark.

What you didn’t know was that you needed all of it … the light yes … but also the dark.  One cannot be without the other.

Your light … the light within each and every being … is bright and strong and intense.  It takes great energy to hide such a light.  It is painful to hide who you are.  Much more so than looking at yourself stripped of those layers that have been hiding the truth.  You will discover that what you’ve been hiding was not the cause of your pain, but that you’ve been hiding – the hiding itself – is the true cause of your pain.

You need not expose yourself naked to the world – at least not yet … you need only look at yourself … See past the layers you’ve hidden beneath.  See past the costumes you covered yourself in.  See past the lies you’ve told yourself.  Simply see.  See the light you hold … but see too the darkness that is born of that light.  See that one is not good and the other bad, but they are each part of what makes you, you.  Just see all that is you and accept each and every nuance.  You don’t have to like everything you see – just see all of what is there.

It is a struggle to maintain the illusion you’ve created.  It requires much energy to keep it going.  When you release that struggle, it is very freeing.

Think about the challenge of maintaining a lie … trying to remember who you have told what to.  Think about the maintenance of a home.  The larger the home – the more rooms, the more maintenance it requires.

We know that coming face to face with your dark side is not without its pain … but that pain is temporary.  It is like decluttering … it takes some energy and time to handle it – see it, evaluate it, then deal with it.  But when it’s done, it’s over.

We know too that there may be many hidden layers and it may seem overwhelming.  You need only look at one layer at a time and if you need support to do it, just ask and it will be sent to you.

You already know that … cuz this is why we’re here.

We offer our unconditional support and our love.  Allow us to help.


© Song of Stones 2008