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Song of Bytownite (Golden Labradorite)

 Bytownite came in a synchronistic dance of support around a deeply buried memory of a past existence whereby I was holding the responsibility of the whole world on my shoulders.  They gently offered their golden light of support in illumination of exactly what needed to be seen and at the perfect moment.

The golden light of dawn diffused.  A soft mist of lemon light showering down upon us.  Each hazy drop of dew carries within it the full spectrum of light through a golden veil.

The words come through a whispered voice but when we listen closely we will hear that in this whisper is the voices of many.

There is a depth within us that is timeless and infinite.  It appears dark and deep and when we reach down to touch it, the tips of our fingers touch the surface and create ripples which extend outwards endlessly.

Any one of the ripples can take us on a journey that will fill a lifetime, but they each lead back to the center of the pool.  It is only when we dive into the eye of the ripples circling – the point that created the ripples that we find what we were looking for in the journey that took us in circles which spanned many lifetimes.

We’ve come full circle now and begin the journey inward now. The journey which will take us to the truth of who we are. The journey home.

Home is a very different place than we thought it was. It’s not a place at all actually, but a state of being.  And when we achieve that state – reach that place –  we will know that we’ve carried it with us always. We’ve always already been home – no matter where we are.

Look … look through the lens of the telescope out onto the horizon or out into space. You may see many different things and place, but they are all the same.

Now look through the eye of the needle to the center of all things and see yourself as you truly are!


© Song of Stones 2008