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Song of Butterfly Twin Mirror Slaty Shale Duet

Slaty Shale fascinates me. I was drawn to it the very first time I saw it. And well, I had to share with you.   These stones came from Melody’s mine in Mt. Ida, Arkansas.  The Slaty Shale Record Stone holds glyphic patterns comprised of Kaolinite and Iron.

One Slaty Shale Stone came as 2 separate pieces and it was synchronistic the way they found each other – or showed me that they belonged together. They are mirror images of each other, which makes me wonder how they may have split – I was playing with them and I still am not sure. Perhaps they will reveal the “secret” to the one who takes them home. This pair reminds me of a butterfly in their shape. The small half circle part has separated on one of the pieces and together they now create a small circle. This pair has beautiful markings. One can become lost in the images that emerge from these patterns!

For a stone that is a “key to codes”, it is deeply connected to patterns … this particular pair sing a song of the secrets behind the creation of these patterns. Listen and they will tell you.

(Within the patterns of the stone, I see an image of a gypsy fortune teller with a crystal ball. I see a sphere of light in the center and a pyramid at the base. The light ball penetrates the tip of the pyramid.)

What is your song?

We are …. 

breath of life

We are not just the mirror image of each other, but a reflection of you.  As is the breath of life a reflection of All That is.  It is the pulse … the vibration that moves through all things.  It is like the butterfly, the small breeze that holds the power of a great tsunami.  It is there in all things – subtle but vital – so natural, it is not seen.  It is hidden right before your very eyes.  It is hidden in plain sight.  If it were only to pause for an instant, you would not be.  And yet, you forget about it just as quickly.

We are the reflection of reflection.  We show you that you are here with us and that we – you and I – are there in all things.  Each layer holds our image.  You are that image to your parents and your children to you … and all of you to the Creator of ALL THINGS.

Sometimes these reflections are clear as day.  With us, with twins, with families.  Sometimes the reflections appear so different that you feel they couldnt possibly have any connection to you – that they are in fact completely opposite to you.  Those are the strongest reflections.  Those are the ones that capture your attention – that have come with a gift of great importance.  Those are the ones that evoke strong reactions from you.  Those are the ones that allow you to see the truth about yourself.

These mirror images come softly at first – like the softest breeze – like the breath – there but subtle.  If not seen they grow in intensity.  They will not be ignored.  They will, if need be, roar like a giant storm.  They will come and come again, sometimes leaving you feeling devastated.  They will not rest – they will not be ignored – until they fulfill their purpose.  Their purpose is no different than your purpose.  To be seen as they truly are.  They are you.  Your reflection, if you will, but you nevertheless.

We are about expression – about the purest – simplest form of expression.  The greatest art cannot hope to duplicate it – though the artist will try.  It is about pure, naked truth.  It is about you.  ABout you being you.  That is it.  That is the great secret of life.

You cover yourself up in layers of costumes.  You hide beneath them.  But the beauty that lays beneath, your true being – your soul – cannot be contained in such a way.  It shows up in many ways.  It is reflected all around you.  It wants to be seen.  It WILL be seen.

Would you create a masterpiece – the greatest work of art – a pure and beautiful expression of yourself and then hide it beneath layers of veils?

Do you think the Creator of All Things would want the greatest masterpiece to remain hidden?

Are you not a child of the Creator?  Are you not a beautiful, unique expression of the greatest Artist!

Remember your breath.  The breath of life.  Remember that it flows through all things; that it is the pulse of the Universe.  That it is the string that connects you to all beings – to your Source.  It is your life line.  Be with it.  Allow it to be a conscious connection to your creativeness –  THE CREATIVE ENERGY.

Then shed your costumes and fly.  Allow the breath of life to carry you … to guide your path.  It does anyway – just SEE IT.


© Song of Stones 2008