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Sometimes we just have to sit in the yuck.

There are times where old memories rise up and feelings bring us down and there is nothing for us to do but sit in the yuck. I mean we can try to run and hide but we can’t escape our feelings. Even if we can distract ourselves enough to ignore them, we can’t fool ourselves for long because the sadness will find a way to seep through.

A starburst of emotions

In this time of great shift we will sometimes find ourselves on an emotional roller coaster. I have been feeling some powerful emotions personally lately–-so powerful that I took a moment to check in and see if there was something going on in the Universe to stir up these bitter bites. Sure enough I have been hearing from other light workers that they have also been experiencing this starburst of emotions.

When emotions rise up in us, it’s important to our well being to allow ourselves to feel them. It’s easy to be with them when the emotions are the “feel good” ones like joy and elation and love and excitement. It’s not as pleasant when the emotions are loss and disappointment and pain and sadness and trauma. We’re not as willing to be present with the yucky stuff. But that is exactly what is required of us and what we must do if we want to really move through the discomfort.

Yup … we must sit in the yuck.


Knowing that it is a temporary state can help us to be patient through the awful feelings that have camped out in our heart and sometimes our tummies or our head or our neck. However they happen to show up they probably will not let up until we let them out. Besides, letting them be what they are and allowing them to pass in their own time will make the experience a little easier. Resistance creates tension and tension intensifies the yuck.

It's not necessary to understand them

We might not be able to articulate how we are feeling. We may not even fully understand what it is we’re feeling. Our mind isn’t always able to understand our feelings. And that’s fine – we don’t have to explain them – even to ourselves. We just need to feel them.

The stone beings can show us how to allow ourselves to feel the feelings … they can even show us how to let those feelings rise up into our awareness and express themselves however they need to be expressed. It might be through our mind by an exploration of old patterns; it might be through our sacral centre by an outpour of creativity; it might be through our body with physical movement; or it might be through your heart by having a good cry. Sometimes a good old fashioned cry is just what we need – even if there is no “good” reason for it. There is always purpose for our feelings. Remembering that may help us to be kind to ourselves when they arise.

This crystal will not be ignored

There is one crystal that I have found to be quite helpful in showing me how to express myself. It was named Stellar Atom by my supplier. I honestly thought she was exaggerating in her description of these crystals when she said that THEY WILL NOT BE IGNORED, but if anything, she understated it.

This crystal did not let me repress what I needed to feel or what I needed to do or say–-even if that was to blow up. It’s not a lot of fun in the moment while I’m wallowing in the yuck but the freedom and peacefulness afterwards is well worth what I have to wade through to get there. Now I find myself reaching for my Stellar Atom whenever I need to deal with something where my first instinct is to bury it or run from it. This crystal always gives me the energetic support to face my feelings.

There are other crystals who can support us to get in touch with what we're feeling and to do so from a space of love an acceptance. Crystals are the very embodiment of those qualities. Any crystal can potentially help with this. Lithium Crystals can help us feel without judgement. Lepidolite Books can help us to get clearer about our feelings. And Rhodochrosite can help us move deeper into self love.


Originally published October 23, 2018