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Sometimes the magic can’t be denied.


We’ve been speaking a lot lately about how the crystals seem to get to where they want to go. I didn’t realize the floodgate that had opened up when this topic came up. But here I am again with more to share on this deep topic. I’ve already given you some examples of some of the ways in which the crystals orchestrate their movement, but today I want to tell you about one that was so clear there can be no mistaking the magic. I think you’ll enjoy this example of the magic that happens when the crystals and the universe speaks to us and we pay attention.

You might remember me telling you about a very special kind of crystal that came to be here who I’ll call “the high ones ” because they come from very high up in the mountains. They communicated to me in a very mystical way that they were not to be listed on the website. They were here for very specific people and they would let me know who they were for and when they would go.

These High Ones have been here for years and so far only a couple of people have received them. Each time I was directed to them in a very guided way. One time was when a customer asked me to choose a crystal for them and I was shown an image of the High Ones in my mind’s eye as well as a message which I was to pass along. The next time it was very intricately orchestrated. I was searching for a “surprise” crystal for a customer and nothing was shimmering and then suddenly I was told to stop looking and just wait. Later I was led to a note (which had been written years earlier) that had the name of this cloistered crystal written on it and a number which was the exact value that the customer asked to spend. It was very clear through this magical synchronicity and the whispered directions that this crystal was to be for her.

I had no doubt in my heart either time that these High Ones were singing for these 2 specific people. I wasn’t looking for further confirmation but the universe sent it to me anyway. Just yesterday, the customer who received the second of High Ones got in touch with me and happened to mention a sacred plant that she encircled with the crystals I recently sent her. I remembered that the woman who received the first of the magical High Ones also told me about placing her crystal near this very same sacred plant. If you are wondering, the plant is called Tulsi (Holy Basil).

It’s very hard to describe the moment that fate shows her face. There is, in that moment, no doubt that the Universe really is a magical place. In that instant I knew undeniably that these crystals, this sacred plant and the Universe were speaking to us. And I knew that I was supposed to share this magical story with you now as it flowed out of me – with none but the most very basic editing.

Look for magic when you are playing with the stone beings. It is always there and if you’re open and listening you’ll discover it.