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Self love can bring about World Peace


Rhodochrosite woke me one morning with her beauty and a deepening of an earlier message of loving the self that she planted into my heart. She wants me to tell you that you have the power to ease your suffering …


The Power to ease suffering

“We came from deep within the earth but we were fired with a heavenly light. We were sent as a gift for those of you with sensitive hearts. Hold us in your hands and allow us to enter your heart. Let us show you the power you have to ease the suffering of the world by loving yourself.”


You see … all that the human being feels is reflected out in the world and given physical form. We are now and have always been creating the world. We think that we are shaped by our environment and our circumstances but in actuality we create our outer landscape with our thoughts and our feelings. So the deeper the love that you feel for yourself, the more love is projected out into the world.


You see how powerful you are?


Now this truth may be simple but putting it into practice is not. Otherwise we would be living in paradise. That’s where crystals come in. Crystals hold in their being the very vibration of this truth. They may come from the lowest part of this world but they are forged with the highest light from the heavens.

Rhodochrosite carries a very unique colour ray that was painted into her crystalline body with great purpose. This colour ray carries with it the slightest sprinkle of Divine love. Don’t underestimate the power of these small sparks. Even this bit of light can overwhelm the strongest of us. I am surrounded by the high light of crystals every day and I went running for the hills the first time Rhodochrosite came to be here with me. I wanted them gone and NOW. But as I was wrapping them up to send them far away, I began to accept their light and see their beauty. I was grateful that I waited a couple days before returning this beautiful being. Now Rhodochrosite is one of my most favourite of the many favourites that I have. If I could, I would give every woman and sensitive spirit a piece of crystal Rhodo because I know how much strength and support they have for us.

Making Rhodochrosite

“Scrunch up light into a tiny ball and throw it down from the heavens. It makes form dense and infuses pinkness with depth. It is the creation of the stone you call Rhodochrosite … which is but love’s light.”


So if you want to see peace in this world. Rhodochrosite can show you that just the tiniest seed of self love can scatter into the winds of change and transform fear and hate into love and light.


Peace for Sensitive Souls 

Rhodochrosite came forward for the sensitive souls. Often the people who come in search of the stone beings are the more sensitive among us – those of us who feel everything so intensely. We don’t have to be in crowded public places to feel the moods of the population. We can’t hide out at home and avoid the fear and suffering that is happening in the world around us. But we can call on the beings of the crystalline realm to show you us to filter out the emotional noise and find peacefulness amidst the chaos. Her message to us was about how to find that peace through self love.


Originally published October 1, 2018