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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
– Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio


There is so much in this world that we are not aware of. Some of it happens right before our very eyes. We just can’t see it. Or can we? Well certainly some can see these seemingly invisible manifestations. And I’m noticing that as the veils between our worlds continue to thin and our awareness continues to expand, more of us are SEEING THINGS. This SEEING we speak of here is a natural ability. As natural as breathing. Truth be told, we need to work hard at suppressing it. It took hundreds of years to bury this natural creative process of ours. It is a lost art, but one we are beginning to experience a resurgence of.

Crystals can be invaluable guides to those of us wishing to open our eyes … all three of them. They can help us to see beyond what takes solid physical form. They can help connect us with those who have moved beyond the physical body. They can show us how to see the mysterious beings who dwell with us in this universe. Those, who up until now, have been invisible to us. They can reveal a once hidden matrix of glowing threads of light, woven in harmonious intricate patterns. It is a spectacular light show to rival that of the most wondrous of fireworks displays.



The crystals have opened me up to some magical experiences. They have shown me – reminded me – how to see and feel things I didn’t know existed. That’s just part of their magic. There are certain crystals that are “known” to enhance 3rd eye seeing and psychic abilities, like Kyanite, Amethyst, Libyan Gold Tektite, Celestite, Azurite, Bloodstone, Iolite, Lapis, Emerald, Moonstone, Fluorite, of course Quartz and many more. However, ANY crystal can help you to reconnect to that part of yourself that can SEE THINGS that aren’t normally seen and FEEL THINGS that most are unaware of. Any crystal can remind you of your true and natural abilities; abilities that were once as natural as breathing and which are now relegated to the category of supernatural. That’s what crystals DO. They reflect your true and natural form to you in a most magical way. It is subtle enough to bypass the “rational” left brain, yet powerful enough to initiate grand transformation.



So yes, if you’re looking to open your third eye, commune with the spirit world, or SEE THINGS that aren’t normally seen, you can look up the metaphysical properties of the crystal and choose them that way. OR you can trust yourself and you can choose the crystal that is singing for you – the one you are most drawn to – the one that appears most beautiful to you – the one that seems to glow a little more brightly than the rest. When you choose from a space of trust, your mystical extrasensory experiences will expand much more quickly and powerfully. It’s that inner trust that allows you to see beyond the seen.

Each time I attempted to put out this posting, there was a distraction that kept me from completing it. I know now why that was – what I was waiting for. I watched THE GIVER that night. Just after a Star Song came into presence (Balancing Heaven and Earth); an elixir that was cocreated in time to usher in the eclipse of the Harvest Moon – the mystical Blood Moon as it was being called. This movie, like this post, was about one who could SEE things that others did not. It began with this …

‘”Tomorrow we’d be assigned our jobs, our purpose. It seemed everyone knew theirs already. Not me. I was lost. I always felt like I saw things – differently; saw things other people didn’t. I never said anything. I didn’t want to be different. Who would?”

It was clear to me that seeing this movie, at this moment, held significance. I knew there was a message held within it that I was supposed to become aware of. It occurred to me that the monotone Black and White format of the film echoed the Black and White stones of the Heaven and Earth Star Song. But there was something more. It was about the courage to look beyond what we we accepted as true – beliefs that we were conditioned to accept as absolute. Doing so means moving through our fears and our pain and making choices from our hearts rather than our heads which can be so easily manipulated. The heart is not so easily fooled.

There are those of us who are beginning to go where our hearts lead us. We are beginning to see the colours that are lost through conformity. Choosing based on what we SEE and FEEL takes us on the “path less traveled” but that road leads us to the truth. This adventure out into the wild world takes great inner trust. It is a leap of faith because we must see beyond what is visible to be able to SEE beyond what is visible. It sounds like a paradox but what I mean by this is that we must blindly trust ourselves – our inner knowing – our sightless seeing – in order to begin to SEE what has been hidden to our eyes.




The crystals can help with this because they reflect light. They can illuminate for us the in-visible things which we have forgotten how to see. But more than that, the stone beings can show us how to trust ourselves again. It’s one thing to see beyond our visible spectrum, but it takes an unshakable inner trust to see beyond that.


A GREAT BIG THANKS to Shari Hrabec, who graciously and generously shared her magical photos with us.  Each of the photos in this blog were taken by Shari with an ordinary digital camera.  We thank also, the ethereal beings in these photos for allowing their images to be shared.  


Originally published: September 28, 2015