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Seeing Beautiful

I’ve been noticing a change in the energetic atmosphere lately - one that heightened the emotions of insecurity. I’ve check in with other sensitive souls and fellow empaths and they too have been have been experiencing these feelings. Whether it is our own or we’re picking up on the feelings of those around us, what is certain is that we are feeling it.

So what can we do to lift our spirits and ease our insecurities? One way is with the loving presence of our sacred stone co-creators. There are many crystals who would love to help you with this.

Earth Angels

Dravite is one of them. I call these crystals, Earth Angels. When I first discovered this incredible stone, I carried it everywhere with me. I found myself feeling a confidence and security that I had not felt before. I don't always carry my Dravite crystal with me anymore but those feelings remained. This was my crystal's gift to me. Then years later, a special family of Dravite Crystals began singing an Angelic Song, revealing their connection to Angels. It's not a surprise to me that Dravite has this connection with these Divine beings of light for they share a similar energetic presence. Dravite offers a gentle comfort and support. It helps you to feel comfortable in your own skin. It allows you to be who you are in a safe space of loving acceptance just like the Angels do. It is an Earth Angel.

Unbeknownst Beauty

Another stone being that can offer us support during when we’re feeling a particular kind of insecurity - one that many woman struggle with - one of body image. It is not a coincidence that Crystals of Unbeknownst Beauty had been making their presence known to me at this time. It is why one of them had offered to co-create a Star Song for this very purpose.

They have come forward to guide those who are not feeling beautiful or who feel insecure about their bodies.

These crystals vibrate out an energetic a song of beauty. The type of beauty they were telling story of is quite special. One that is rarely experienced. It is a beauty that emerges when one soul sees another soul. I am not speaking of the type of beauty that comes from a close relationship - even that of the most intimate one. I'm talking about seeing beyond the physical personality of a person right into the depth of their soul - their real and true essence - their Divine self. When you can see another in this way, the beauty that emerges is beyond the most breathtaking sight in this physical world. These crystals come forward to remind us how to see the hidden inner beauty of our world - beauty that often goes unseen ... our UNBEKNOWNST BEAUTY.

Dropped down from above

Something magical happened when I first started to list these Crystal. I was getting something out of the armoire with all my binders full of writings and the picture I had hanging next to the armoire just fell off the hook. I go in and out of that armoire every day and it's never fallen before. So I hung the picture back up and went on with my business of reorganizing. It's that time of year you know. It fell again. This time when I tried to hang it back up, the whole hook came out of the wall.

Now I was starting to pay attention. I stopped and I listened. What was the universe trying to tell me?

The next thing I knew, I had played musical pictures with the paintings on my wall, moved a large glider to a new spot and reorganized all the crystals which were waiting to get listed on the Song of Stones website. At the end I was standing in a reorganized room - which I must admit had a much better flow to it - and a box of very special crystals in my hand called "Unbeknownst Beauty". I didn't even know they were in this room. But I had heard them singing to me that morning as a new blog, about how society views beauty, was being dictated to me by my morning muses.

My idea?

So that my friends is the magic of the stone beings in concert with the Universe. It's subtle. You don't even know it's happening. Ego may have you think it was your idea to stop in the midst of what you were doing to redecorate and it was just chance that the very crystals you were just thinking of were now in your hands. But this is the Universe whispering to you and you listening. It's a beautiful dance. It's magical. And it was only part one.

I had listed one of these Unbeknownst Beauty Crystals and I’d been wanting to put the rest up on the website - but each time I tried - something distracted me. I would soon find out why. The room was about to shift AGAIN. The chair that was moved in the original shuffle, was about to be moved back to where it was originally. The painting that fell on me also would also get re-relocated and all the crystals that got repositioned would also be switched back. This was clearly orchestrated and it began when I wreaked havoc on the whole house as I "accidentally" shut the power off to the modem and the tv and internet stopped working. It took a while to figure out why the power was out. First we needed to move out the chair that switched places last time the Unbeknownst beauties made their presence KNOWNST.

I smell fairies

This episode had fairies written all over it––they love to play. Maybe they wanted us to know that when you bring home one of these crystals, you are bringing home fairy guardians too.

So now that the furniture and the crystals and the painting moved and moved again, these UN-beautiful crystals were ready to present themselves to those of you who can't see the beauty and blessing of this form that your soul purposefully chose. They will show you how to remember how beautiful you really are. I'm thinking there are many of us who can benefit from this teaching. And I'm understanding why lately I've been experiencing feelings of insecurity, self consciousness and self doubt - from myself and from others (it's an empath thing).


Originally published February 29, 2019