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Seed Pod Shift Crystal Cluster

A very special Shift crystal cluster began to sing. They have visible Feminine and Masculine aspects in the ONE crystal. They come together in the form of an EGG. I believe that in having both aspects visible like this, that it would be a teacher of balance … of balancing the polarities within us and when we have balance, we have peace … and when we have this balance we also have CREATIVITY!  It is this space/place of bringing both aspects of the masculine and the feminine together that is at the essence of CREATION!

I believe all crystals have this balance … as do we …. it’s just in these crystals these aspects are visible – physical manifestations of this balance that we are strive to reach.

I felt drawn to listen to the crystal and see what more would come and I heard a beautiful song …

There is a space within and a movement without …. 
The space for which this movement can create something within …
There is a stillness within … a peacefulness … outside of time.
Listen and you will hear the beating of a heart … it is outside of you, but it is in sync with yours.  It beats in time with your heart’s beat.  There is another movement here … a flow much like the flow of a river and and beside it a space.  (I say beside it, but there really is no separation – they are both there together).

It is the energy of “NEW’ … a collision of two seemingly different and separate energies into a blending of the 2 … something NEW.  The space within is what contains the NEW energy and gives it form.  It is what the womb is for a baby … the cocoon/chrysalis for a butterfly … the pod for a seed …

YES … this is what I am … a seed pod … a space for the creation of something NEW!


© Song of Stones 2008