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One day while strolling along a beach, I heard the song of a magical stone. I picked up the stone and felt it’s sparkling energy pulse through my hand and into my heart. It appeared ordinary enough to be easily passed by. If I was not paying attention, I might easily have missed seeing its unseen sparkle or hearing its silent song.

But somehow …

I saw … I heard … I knew.

As I looked at the stone, I noticed a letter and then another. Each time I looked I saw something else. A message was appearing before my eyes and then changing. I was mesmerized by this mysterious being. I thought this was a unique experience. I was feeling blessed to have been called by this messenger stone. But he was just the first of many to come into my life to offer a message in this special way – with actual physical markings of letters and symbols.

Many more special stones such as these have revealed themselves to me since. I have come to know them as Scribal Stones. These are stones which are visibly imprinted with letters, numbers, symbols or other such markings holding a message. Often times the letters change as you are reading it. If you connect deeply with a Scribal Stone and look at it with your heart, you may see the glyphs appear or change as your message is written or rewritten before your eyes. Any crystal or stone can be a Scribal Stone. You may have one there with you already.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I heard from a customer who shared a story about his experience with a Scribal Stone. It illustrates so clearly what I was trying to describe that I had to share it with you:

“I have a story for you too that happened just as you sent me your email. I was looking at that fairy stone you sent me the other day, and letters started appearing on it. I. N. D over and over. I and D are associated with how we perceive self and others, and N is a letter of friendship. It really resonates well with your post this month. It also began showing stains on it that looked like it was wet, in the shape of fingerprints as if the stone wanted me to hold it. I picked up the stone and it took me to a different place and time where the fairy In the stone wanted to connect and the part of me that had long ago formed a connection with the stone. Totally magical. I look forward to receiving the precious shipment you sent me.” — Jonathan from Maryland