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Sacred Space – A discussion of Boundaries

Have you ever felt intruded upon – invaded – even violated without anyone physically touching you? If you’re alive, you’ve probably experienced some type of intrusion into your personal space. Personal space. It’s something we’re all acutely aware of. It may mean different things to different people--be larger for some than others--but we all have our boundaries. It is such a common collective agreement that one just needs to say “personal space” and others begin to back away.

It is a big subject. One that is spoken of often. Especially in spiritual/metaphysical circles. That’s because those of us who are aware of the subtle energies are even more attuned to the energetic boundaries around our bodies and we are more sensitive to others crossing them. So it’s a subject you’ve no doubt heard of and probably given a great deal of thought to. You are probably aware of the subtle energy fields and been warned of energy vampires and shown protection techniques that erect bubbles of coloured light and protection grids. Crystals are often used as tools for that very purpose.

Personal Space

So you already know that personal space is more than just physical space. You are aware that it stems beyond the markers we’ve set up around our bodies which can be measured in feet and inches. Intellectually – the mind has boundaries as well – what we feel comfortable thinking about and speaking about. It spreads into our emotions as well. There may be feelings we are willing to express and/or speak about and some not. There are boundaries around our spiritual beliefs and practices. Beliefs we hold strong to and things that we reject because they don’t make sense to us.

It’s not a simple topic and we need to be aware of that. Knowing this will help us to understand why it is an issue so many of us struggle with. We can only touch upon it in the limited space within this blog, but I believe having the conversation is important. Besides, a group of crystals came forward singing their wisdom on this subject – so I’m honouring the gift they bring with them. The crystals that came forward sing a beautiful song that offer unique insight into this vast topic.



Let’s begin with the crystals themselves. Crystals can be used as tools to amplify the light we manifest around ourselves to create a protective bubble around ourselves. They can be used to create light grids that protect us when we are within the space inside their periphery. People have been using crystals for just such purposes for eons. They can be very effective at offering us powerful protection. You may have a crystal in your pocket right now shielding you from unwanted energy or protecting your own from being tapped into. That’s one way to accept the gifts that the crystals offer. But there is another.

This is something I say so often, you may already know what I’m gong to say. The crystals are conscious beings. If we see them as conscious beings then our relationship with them changes and so does the way we work with them. It is no different in this case. We can look to the crystals to offer us protection as we just discussed or we can look to them for guidance, for wisdom and to help us remember something that we already know. That we are powerful beyond belief and the power to protect ourselves is not in the boundaries we erect but it is right there in our very being. In fact, they can show us that when we remember our true essence, we won’t need protection at all.



These Crystals shared a song about Sacred Space (coming soon to the Song of Stones Lightbrary). They have a unique perspective on what personal space is and the best way to protect ourselves from energy drain. They explain why people intrude upon the personal space of others and which people are most apt to feel intruded upon. I think you might be surprised at the answer and it may shift the way you view such intrusions. 

Their song began with the words Sacred Space. There is a volume just in these words alone, for looking upon your personal space as sacred shifts it from a physical nicety to a a thing of Divine importance. It tells us just in these two words how important it is to honour and respect the physical space that your Soul occupies in this world. It gives credence and validity to the feelings and instincts you have had all along about this sacred space, as too often we dismiss them for fear of angering or hurting others. 



Those of us who travel in spiritual/metaphysical circles are expected to have intimate physical contact. Hugs are implied. Holding hands in circle is expected. It’s not that these things are necessarily unwelcome but given the incredibly sensitive nature of many us, it is important to honour ourselves when we don’t want to get too intimate and honour others by being aware of and understanding their wishes in these matters without taking it personally. There are many ways in which to create strong and powerful and intimate connections with others. We can show our love in many ways.

Finding Sacred Space

You may connect to the energy of sacred space through these special stones. You can do that through the pictures in this blog or through a Star Song which allows you to experience a facet of their energy you didn’t realize existed. If you have been affected on a deep level by the energies of others and would like some personal support to shift that energy, you may book an ORB healing session


Originally published July 25, 2014