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Sacred Shapes


I awoke with thoughts of what this month’s blog would be. That wondering was pushed aside by my morning ritual and more pressing distractions and soon I was out under the morning sun having my daily walk. I passed by a flattened mound of earth and grasses on the road just outside my home. I go by it everyday without a second look. That morning I noticed something in this forgotten debris. It was a shape – a honeycomb shape. This was the second time this month I’d seen that shape on the road by the curb on the same side of the street. First time, it was a fallen wasp nest.

Ok … the Universe got my attention. I was listening. Then the very next day, in close proximity to the honeycomb mound, I discovered a rock or perhaps it was a piece of concrete. That rock was ALSO a hexagon! Now I KNEW FOR SURE that the Universe was trying to tell me something. I knew in that moment that the Universe was about to reveal a wisdom about the Sacred Shapes in our world.



When I hear the term Sacred Geometry what it means to me is that the shape of things is integral to their purpose in this physical form. That there is a revelation of the Divine in the structure of matter. The shape an object takes tells us something about it and about the creator of that thing. There may be certain shapes that reflect that more undeniably than others, but I don’t think it’s because they are more sacred than others. I think it is to reveal the sacredness of ALL things.

Shapes are all around us. They are the form of this world. They are the structure of all things. They are the house of spirit in the physical realm. Everything and every being has it’s own signature shape. One unique to it and it alone. No two are alike exactly no matter how it seems, even if the variance is not visible to the eye.

sacredshape - 3pix3

Crystals can be a great source of wisdom in exploring the geometry of the world. They can help us in understanding the “sacredness” of shapes. It is for their shape that so many of us are attracted to the stone beings. The harmonically symmetrical shapes of the crystalline form is beautifully ordered even at the microscopic level. Perhaps it is that order that we find so attractive. It may be why we find crystals so soothing and peaceful.

Sometimes, more than any other aspect of a stone being, it’s the shape that pulls us to it. If it is the crystal’s shape that influences your choosing it, take a look around. You may notice this shape shows up in many places in your life. You might see it in your decor or in the clothes you wear or the foods you eat. If you do notice that a certain shape pops up over and over again, open your awareness and your heart to it and its message will be revealed to you.

The crystals can help with that. They are master communicators and they can offer profound insight into the shapes in your life. They can also show you how to get a message directly from the shape itself.

RKS06 - 13

Have fun with your exploration of your Sacred Shapes. Make it a game. See what you learn about yourself from the shapes around you. I just made a connection with a wonderful woman who does just that. She “began channeling “weird shapes” that Spirit said were actually vast libraries of energetic information.” In fact, she just published a book about these profoundly sacred shapes called “Wish upon a Star Healing Codes“. I was deeply moved when she told me that a Star Song and Crystal Message she recently received from me had a “LOT to do with this book finally getting pushed through!”

It was a powerful synchronicity that this book of sacred shapes was coming through at the same time that Spirit was sending me on an exploration of these mystical forms. It was even more incredible and wonderfully magical that we came to know of this shared connection to the sacred shapes at the most perfect moment. This is the genius of the Universe.  What a wondrous journey that came full circle – a SACRED CIRCLE!