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Remembering the Solstice

You might think that since I talk to crystals and believe in magic I might be aware of the summer solstice and maybe even be involved in a spiritual ritual or two to celebrate this important day. At least I should be lighting a candle, right?

But I am very removed from time. I’m not one to count the hours or the days, or even the years. Sometimes I even forget how old I am. So I don’t usually know what’s happening in the heavens. I’m usually not consciously aware of the cycles of the planets or when there is a special celestial event. Don’t get me wrong. I understand the significance and power of these magical times. I just get very absent minded about them because they are “time” related and like I said, I don’t often pay close attention to linear events.

If there is a celestial event that I am supposed to know about, I’m made aware of it. The Universe knows how to get my attention. Today it got my attention. I was feeling a surge of such creative energy that I knew something was up. It began around midnight last night and I woke up still feeling it. There was some powerful inspiration flowing through me. When I remembered the date, I realized it was summer solstice and then it made sense.

I’ve been sensing the song of a crystal or crystals and felt that they might have a Solstice Message for us today. I’ve been waiting for it to come through. Perhaps before I click publish, I’ll hear their song. I didn’t have to wait long … Opal is singing and they have a message. This Opal stone below showed me its tree of light a couple of weeks ago. I picked it up and kept it nearby waiting for the moment to share it with you. This was the moment. This is why it captured my attention and why I was to wait until now.


The message from this stone being is …


“The beginning of something is also the completion of another and somehow both are at the centre of the Universe. Time creates the stage in which the story is set.” 


May you have a magical Summer Solstice and may the light extend beyond the day.


Originally Published: June 22, 2017