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Red Angel Stone Song

There is an Angelic presence within an Oregon Opal Stone … they share their song.

I am here as your reflection showing you that the whole Universe is just that … a reflection of you.

When you are afraid to show yourself in this mirror that is the world, the world will also hide from you and you will see what your are showing [reflecting] … illusion.

When you stand, fully there in your truth, shed of all your costumes, you will see a brilliant light shining back at your … seemingly from outside of you, but really it is your light being reflected back to you.

There is no rush … take your time … savour each moment … enjoy the game.  Remove each piece of each costume, one at a time if you will.  Or rip them away in haste … it does not matter.  

The world will accept the “true” you as easily as you do.

If you find non-acceptance outside of yourself, look within and you will see that it is you who has not accepted yourself.

We judge ourselves the harshest.

Through this transformation from costume to nakedness, remember that you hold something else there with you.  There in the space between reflection and shadow is the light of your deepest self.  There to guide you, support you … just BE there with and for you.

This inner light comes to you in many forms when you call it forth.  An inner voice; an outer voice through friends, family, strangers sometimes, movies and books even; a fairy friend; an angel; a life altering experience … there is help and guidance in so many ways, they cannot be counted.

Remember and trust in this being of light guiding and supporting you through each and every moment of your life; and the joyous moments will be MORE joyous; and the painful moments will be LESS painful; and the colours in your life will be brighter and more intense.

And then you can ENJOY this game you’re playing IN JOY.  And one day, when you have lifted the last of the masks from your body, you will see a light so beautiful and so brilliant it will take your breath away and you will know that you are that light.


[Last night I had a dream that was, I believe, a continuation of this stone’s teaching.  Though this part of the song is very personal, I’ve included it within in case it will help others who share my experience …

I don’t believe it was the content of the dream that was key, but the feelings it evoked.  The outcast, lonely, rejected, abandoned, sad feelings that I feel whenever I am with the people that showed up in this dream.  Could this “outcast” feeling be coming from me and mirrored back to me through them.  That WAS the teaching.  But who was I feeling this way towards; who was I judging?  Myself or them.  Ultimately it must be myself … could this nightmare end by simply seeing this and stopping it?

The feelings that were overwhelming me are those, I believe, we ALL fear more than any other feeling/experience/scenario.  That is being alone.  It is the fear that keeps us captive in societal rules and values.  The fear that keeps us slaves to what we think we need to do and how we should act and what we should wear.

It is this fear that is at the core of depression … at the core of suicide.  It is the place of desperation – of nothing to lose … despair.

It does not matter how much or how little support we have outside ourselves – socially – when we are in the midst of these feelings, we feel completely alone.  [We could have hundreds of friends and still feel alone].  Even though, I advocate surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good – because that can help us stay in joy and help us deal with our pain until we resolve it – because once we do resolve it, then no one will ever have the power to take us back to that place again.

It is the place farthest from our true self – home, so to speak – it is the place farthest from Unity – Oneness – G-d.

This is the feeling that is closest to what people have labeled “evil”, yet we’ve stuck the label in the “wrong” place.  Really it is the “fear” itself that is the issue.  We’ve all heard the quote … “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.  Well this is what I believe is meant by this .. the true meaning.

If it comes from within, though a little disconcerting at first, it is good news because that means we can change it.  We can’t change the feelings/prejudices and behaviour of others, but we can change our own.  So if that’s all that is needed, then we are on the way to freedom … halfway actually.

I’m beginning to see the truth of the irony of dying of thirst in an ocean of water.]


We cannot be alone.  We are all connected.  Even the planets which at first appearance seem to be separate and isolated from each other are all connected and dependent on each other … all moving in harmony.

[I wonder if this is what is meant by the harmony/music of the spheres?]

Even though there is the appearance of hundreds of thousands, even millions of miles separating them, they are not alone – not separate.  They are in one “space”.  They are merely singing a different tune/song.

They seem to have different speeds, rotations, movements, but this is illusion … it is smoke and mirrors … it is what is seen as REFLECTED by what is projected.

It is meant to be and can be joyful.  Like the roller coaster ride that moves us at great speeds – twirls us, swirls us and disorients  us.  It scares us and thrills us at the same time.  We get off dizzy and wobbly and we say MORE … AGAIN!  Like the baby who is thrown in the air – their expression holds fear and then when they have been caught it changes to laughter and they want MORE – AGAIN.

But nothing can capture or re-capture the FIRST time – the first experience.  We try over and over, but we can’t have a FIRST experience AGAIN.  Even if we hadn’t done it in a while and forgotten what it felt like, re-experiencing it brings back the memory [of the experience – not the actually experience] whether we are conscious of it or not.   [Sometimes we don’t realize that it is this experience that we’re trying to re-create].  This is the reason we all get excited at the prospect of something NEW … of trying something we’ve never experienced before.

This, I suggest, is the reason – or one of the reasons that we forget who we are so completely when we come to the physical plane.  So that we can have the experience … all the experiences … that physical senses allow.

To feel the physical world, we must, for a moment, forget unity/Oneness, so that we may have the experience of being human – of duality, which includes loneliness.

The feeling we’ve been exploring goes beyond loneliness … it is one of the utter aloneness – not just for a time, but for all time.  But just at the other end of this polarity, is the feeling of pure, unconditional love and unity that is eternal.  And behind both these feelings is a light that is beyond either of them; the truth of who we are … pure love that is – all encompassing and unconditional and-completely accepting.  Words can only approximate a description, because words are physical and being such cannot capture the truth of this light … yet we can know it, because it is who we are.

So if we can hold on through this time of despair and aloneness.  If we can trust that on the other end of this darkness is a light so brilliant and beautiful it will have been worth all the pain we are enduring.  If we can know the truth of who we are, even though we might not be feeling it at the moment … if we can just hang on till the end of the ride, we will experience a joy that is beyond all physical experiences here in this plane of duality – even ecstasy.  It defies description in the truest sense.  And when we arrive, when we are home … we will open our eyes and say “AGAIN”!

There is an abandoned playground is a swing.  The child gets on and flies through the sky, forgetting her loneliness.  But then she falls off and scrapes her knees and the sting of the fall brings tears to her eyes.  The pain causes her to forget the joy she was feeling only a moment ago.  A cute dog appears and licks her wound and snuggles up to her.  Her tears turn to laughter and she has forgotten her bloodstained knee.  A loud noise frightens the puppy and he runs away.  The feeling of loneliness has crept back into the girl’s heart.  As her tears begin once again to fall, so too does the world cry with her.  The clouds darken the day and the rain has soaked her.  Now she feels worse even than when she started this day alone and in despair.  Just as she feels her worst, the clouds part and the sun peeks out, already begging to warm her.  Then she sees the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.  A rainbow.  A bridge of all colors taking her out of the darkness, and a smile brightens her face.

This rainbow has revealed something to her … in feeling the sadness and joy, loneliness and comfort, darkness and light, she has seen that she would not have known one without the other and knowing this makes it easier to know all of these feelings as gifts.



There are corridors.  Connected to each of these are more.  They are on different levels (though not higher or lower – spiritually).  It is a maze – a labyrinth.  Perhaps this is why our attraction to them.  This maze has no structure – no walls so to speak – no boundaries.  But walls and boundaries can be seen, if that is what is chosen.

It is a house of mirrors, but the mirrors aren’t solid … they are actually doorways to other “spaces”.   Some doors lead to large spaces and when we pass through some we feel confined.  Neither and both are true.

We are searching for something and we try to open as many of the doors as possible to find it.  We become frustrated at the endlessness of our search and our seeming failure to find it … even though we are not quite sure what we’re seeking.

We can’t find what we’re looking for through this maze of doorways … leading to more mazes of doorways …

We won’t ever find it there, because we already have it.  We’ve had it all along.  We never lost it.  We were never lost and there was nothing we needed to find.  But we couldn’t know it without the journey.  These doors did lead us to where we needed to go … they led us back to ourselves.  It was the only place we could end up.

It is the only true “space” within the maze/house of mirrors.


© Song of Stones 2008