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A wonderful group of crystals arrived here recently from a very special source. The box arrived in time for a show that I was going to be doing that weekend.  It was almost magical, the speed with which these crystals arrived.  It usually takes at least 3 times as long from where they are coming.  I put the box down unopened until I had the time to get to them.  I didn’t make the connection of their arrival with a headache that soon developed.  It seemed I needed a little time to adjust to the very high frequencies of what was in the box.  I mentioned the headache in passing to the friend who had sent me the crystals and that launched us into a discussion on reactions to crystals and inspired the topic of this month’s blog …


I’m going to jump right in and tell you what I think.  Please remember what I’m about to tell you is based on my own personal experiences and views and I tend to see things very differently than most.  I understand that others may have different opinions and I respect and honour them all.  I encourage you to explore your own experiences with the crystalline beings and make up your own mind about this somewhat polarized topic.


I personally don’t believe that crystals can cause us harm.  I’ve had reactions to crystals before, but never what I would call a “bad” reaction.  The way I see it is that these reactions indicate resistance.  The crystal we’re reacting to may be introducing a vibration that is bringing up deeply buried trauma or issues.  The reason we bury these feelings so deeply is because we don’t want to deal with them.  So of course we’re going to feel some sort of resistance when they resurface.  But something to hold in your awareness is that when there is resistance there is promise of a great gift. This is one of the hidden treasures of the crystals.


I can certainly understand though that it may seem that crystals can hold “negative” energies or cause “negative” reactions.  If we bring in a new crystal and we have a physical or emotional reaction, we’re going to naturally think that the crystal is the problem.  If we get a headache when a crystal shows up or we feel dizzy whenever we’re near it, it stands to reason that we are going to see the crystal as a problem and we are not going to want to be around it.  If whenever we are around a crystal, uncomfortable emotions like anger or sadness rise to the surface, it makes sense that we’re going to want to put distance between us and the crystal, especially when we’ve worked hard at avoiding those emotions.  In each case it may seem that the crystal is the cause of our reaction and perhaps it is; but is there more to see and understand here.


When I say I understand, I really mean it.  There have been crystals which I’ve had strong reactions to.  In each case, I wanted to return them.  I mean I wanted them OUT OF MY HOUSE – NOW!  In one case, it was a group of green Elestials that I was reacting to.  I called up my supplier and told him that I’d be returning them.  I couldn’t send these crystals away quickly enough.  But then as I was packing up the crystals something interesting happened.  I was wrapping each one individually and the first one I picked up was vibrating so lovingly.  I thought ohhh … well I’ll keep this one but I’m sending the rest back.  This went on for a while.  Each one that I picked up to wrap was so beautiful and had such an amazing energy that I just couldn’t send it back.  It was like trying to give back kittens who were snuggling up against me and purring so contently.  I just couldn’t do it.  As you may have guessed, I kept the crystals.  Not only did I keep them but I ordered more.  I ordered ALL that was available.


Those green crystals held a very special gift for me – but in order to receive it, I needed to come face to face with a part of myself that I so wanted to run away from.  If I had sent them away immediately without giving myself some time and distance before picking them up again – I would not have experienced that shift in the way I saw the crystals.  It was in honouring the resistance that came up when I first saw the crystals which allowed me to see them in a new light.  Once my guard came down, I was able to see and be with the crystals because I was able to see and be with myself – including the part of myself I was hiding from.  With the support of these wonderful stone beings, when I finally stopped running and turned and looked, what I saw was not so bad.  The thing that I was hiding from was much worse in my imaginings than it was in reality.  That was the gift of those special green beings.  In this way, they showed me too, the true reason for why crystals sometimes cause us to react.


I’m not saying people SHOULD or SHOULDN’T work with crystals that cause them discomfort – however that shows up.  I always encourage people to trust their inner guidance.  There is no right or wrong with the crystals.  We each choose our own experiences.  I’m just saying that when you feel things from the stone beings that might be uncomfortable, it’s ok to release your fear that this crystal might carry “bad” energy or cause you harm, and open to a different perspective.  The reactions that they cause may be a temporary adjustment to the particular frequency that they are vibrating at; or it may be resistance to a long held issue or pattern that these crystals are coaxing out into the light.  If you can hang in there a little while, there is a gift waiting for you on the other side of that reaction.


As a side note, there are some crystals that require caution and safe handling, like lead based crystals or those containing mercury.  The potentially toxic physical qualities of minerals is a very different subject than what we are discussing.  However I did want to mention that there are some minerals which need to be handled with care, especially when making Elixirs.  Please be aware of the mineral content of your crystals when working with them.  Spend the time to research your crystals before making elixirs as some are not to be placed inside the water.  Elixirs are just as effective when placing the crystals near the water rather than in the water.