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Playing with Crystals

The magic and healing effects of crystals can have people feeling a little intimidated and insecure. The mind can and often does chime in with criticisms like...

I am not going to be able to feel the energy.

Am I doing this right?

Am I worthy of the light of the crystals?

What if I do it wrong?

What if I cause harm to myself or others?

What if I harm the crystals?

These are natural, normal concerns that everyone has. Even the most experienced light workers experience doubt. Often.

When you work with the crystals from a place of love, you can’t get it wrong. But I can reassure you from here till Tuesday that you’re doing it right but until you have trust in yourself, it won’t matter what I or anyone else says.

The best way to build confidence and trust is through experience. Take time to experiment with making connections with the crystals. Don’t take it so seriously. Do it with a light heart. Have fun. Play with the crystals. 

Ways to play with Crystals

Gather together a bowl full of crystals. Include as many different types and colours of stones to play with. Let your intuition guide you. 

• Hold your hand over the crystals, moving it slowly, scanning to feel into which one has the strongest magnetic pull. You may feel a sensation in your hand or somewhere else in the body. That sensation is a message from the crystal.

• With your eyes open, notice which crystal seems a little shinier. Which one is glowing more brightly than the others. Which one looks most beautiful to you. That is the crystal who is singing for you.

• With eyes closed, pick up one of the crystals. Spend a moment to connect with it. See if you can sense what colour it is without looking.

• Hold a crystal in your hand and scan the body with it. Notice if you feel any sensation, either within the crystal or your body and you move it over yourself.

• Pick up a crystal. Anyone you feel drawn to. Allow the crystal to lead you, anywhere in your space, to where it wants to be. Let it stay there until you feel it wants to move again. Notice if you feel a shift in the space itself.

Let go of expectations

Don’t expect these playful experiments to work right away, Not the first time or even the 100th time. Expectation itself can be the thing that is keeping you from succeeding. Let go of expectation and have fun with it. Make it into a game.

A guided meditation

If it is easier to have someone guide you through the process, join our next live crystal zoom. I lead my community through a guided meditation to receive a message or some other gift. With each connection, the experience of listening to the stone beings will deepen and come easier.