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Pink Song

The pink stones were singing to me as I was relaxing into sleep one night. All of the pink ones seemed to glow a little brighter…they were whispering a song to me. The Pink Opal, the Rhodochrosite, the Thulite, the Bustamite, the Phosphosiderite, the Tugtupite, even the coppery Sunstone was showing me her pinkness. I grabbed a pen to record this subtle song. Even the ink that flowed out of the only pen in reach was PINK…of course!

Pink Song…

There is so much more to the pink ray than what is typically associated with us.

More than our feminine energy.  More than our child like quality.  More than a flowery note.  Our pink part is so much more than any of that.  It is certainly more than an association with a disease.  Don’t brand us.  Don’t limit us in this way.  For when you do, you limit yourself.

The Pink ray is a reflection of a part of yourself.  We each hold the pink ray in different intensities.  When you are attracted to us for our pink tone that means the pink in you is singing too.  We sing together.

We sing of the soft embrace of angelic presence.  It is a song of the warmth of babies’ breath and the touch of tiny hands.  A love of the pure heart of a child.

You don’t always welcome this gift when it is presented because you may not feel you have it to give back.  But you do.  Otherwise you would not see it now.  You can only see what shines forth from your heart.

See yourself in that gift of love.  Don’t you recognize YOU!

Heart Light

From this song the Heart Light duet was born…A pairing of Phosphosiderite and Medusa Quartz, which hold the rays of violet and turquoise and clear/white and pink (of course).

This duet also shared a song:

The soft pink ray from the sleepy night gives birth to a mating of crystalline children, which have come forth to give support to the fragile state you find yourselves in today … a fear … a restlessness … a dread … a loneliness … an insecurity …

You have silently called out for their support and they have answered even before you were aware you needed their presence.

Different but the Same

Another duet came next…Phosphosiderite and Wenerite. I knew that the Wernerite was fluorescent, but I was not prepared for what I saw when I looked at them the next morning. The sun’s early light revealed the fluorescent tone of the Wernerite and I saw that these two crystals which normally had completely different colours now appeared THE SAME! The green of the Wernerite had transformed into the orchid/lilac/violet colour of the Phosphosiderite. It was incredible to witness. 

When you are wanting to connect to a soft, gentle, loving energy, invite in a pink crystal.


Originally published March 31, 2012