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pheris-sun - releasing collective trauma

Dear Sensitive Soul … This was one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever done. I truly hope that I have done honour to the message that came through to share with you.

This year for me has been one of re-connecting to my ancestors. One came through to me recently that I want to tell you about. She has an unexpected connection to a trio of crystals here.

My ancestor experienced a sexual assault. She showed me that she felt a sense of powerlessness during the attack but also afterwards. If you’re wondering what the connection is to the crystals, well the crystal trio came from a place where they were witness to sexual assault.

Together with the Ancestor, they shared a message.

They say that …

“There is a difference between power and control. There are times in life when you are not going to feel in control, but don’t confuse that with a loss of power. Your power is beyond control. It is beyond being controlled. It is the Divine part of you and you can never lose it. It can never be taken away from you.”

These crystals call themselves “pheris-sun”. They are meant to go to light guides who work with trauma survivors. You will definitely feel the call if you are meant to co-heal with one of these crystals. If you are not currently doing this type of healing work but you are inexplicably and powerfully drawn to one of these crystals, it is likely that you will one day be of assistance to trauma survivors - even if right now it seems out of the realm of possibility.

I didn’t make the connection at the time but twice when I was consciously engaging with these crystals, I “accidentally” hurt myself. The first time was when I received the message from the crystals and my ancestor. I smashed into a door with such force that I ended up with a very large bump and bruise on my arm. The next time, right after I took photos of the crystals, I bumped into the side of a table so hard that I ended up with another bump and bruise. I ignored the first crazy crash but the second time - hitting the same arm, near the same place, with such force - I started paying attention. I was listening. I immediately got an answer. I was shown that this was a result of the connection with the crystals and I was releasing an old trauma through those bumps.

At around the time when all this was happening , I was hearing the song of my garnet and ouro verde quartz duet - crystals of red and gold - and I had been keeping them nearby. I felt quite strongly that they were offering their support and I thought it was because I was going to a sensitive meeting that night. The next day I listed a duet called throne of power - also red and gold crystals. I didn’t make the connection until I began to write this post but those crystals and those colours coming into my consciousness and presence was purposeful.

The morning that this post was finished and ready to be published, I woke up to find that a group of crystals near my bedside had somehow gotten shuffled around and two stones ended up together that were not beside each other the night before. They were also red and gold stones - stones that had never come together before. I realized that 4 duets of red and gold stones had been gathering over the period that this story was coming together. One had made its way to be by my computer, one by my bedside, one in my living space and then there was the one I found this morning. When I went downstairs to begin the day, I noticed a duet of crystals glowing and shining so brightly that I knew they were wanting to send out the morning crystal blessing. They were, of course, crystals of red and gold.

It’s so fascinating to me that as soon as we open up our awareness we start to see so many connections between the seemingly separate things that are happening in our lives. It seems so clear now that red and gold are going to be colours that can support the release of the trauma of abuse and assault. I can easily see why. Red is the colour of survival - the base chakra of fight or flight. Gold is our power centre. The chakra of the will.

The words “will power” were ringing in my head on the day when all this was coming to the surface but I didn’t understand why at first. What does will power (which I associate with self control) have to do with moving through trauma. Then I flipped the words to “the power of the will” and it suddenly made sense to me. The will is the source of our power. Our choices - and not our circumstances and experiences - are where our true power lies. That can never be take from us - though others may try. This is what the crystals were expressing in their song. Knowing that our power had never been taken from us gives us the strength to move through the trauma.

Gold and blue are also colours that have come up in support of trauma - especially that which happened in childhood. The blue is a throat chakra colour and can support those of us who are not able to give voice to our experience. You may be guided to work with completely different colours and you should trust that. But if you are looking to bring in colours to help you move through some heaviness and are you are not guided to specific ones, then you can begin with the red and gold or the blue and gold. Colour is one of the most profound healing energies I’ve encountered. The crystalline ones have healing energies in and of themselves but they are very generous with lending their brilliant colours to us when we need them as well.


Abuse, be it sexual, physical or emotional is unfortunately much too common an experience in our world. Even if we haven’t had an experience of abuse in this lifetime, we may hold the memory and experience of it in our ancestral line or from a past existence.

These crystals are ones of many beings - crystalline or other - who are coming forward to remove that experience from the pattern of humanity. As the feminine energy comes more fully into balance in this world, that violent energy begins to leave. If we want to release it from our world, we need to begin by releasing it from our bodies. In letting go of that painful memory, we will need to feel it as it passes through, but we don’t have to do it alone or without the physical and energetic support of our loving guides.


There are many things that we can do to make the process of releasing our trauma easier. There are many light guides that are out there that can help ease the discomfort and keep us from being re-traumatized by the memory. Crystals and Colour are beautiful and gentle healers and sources of great wisdom and support. I would be remiss if I did not mention the Star Songs. They support us in many ways but clearing ancient patterns is one of their greatest magic.

In addition to seeking out support and expressing your story in a safe space, without shame or guilt, it will help you to have a purpose. Something that makes you happy. Purpose strengthens our will and brings us joy. If you don’t know what that is, explore different things until you find it. Doing something that makes your heart sing can be a tremendous help in moving past the pain and creating new joyful patterns.

Please be patient and gentle with yourselves as you begin to recreate new patterns of joy in your life. You will have to move through a transition period and it can be very uncomfortable. I feel you. I mean I really feel you. As an empath and as a woman who holds this energy in the archetypal pattern of our gender I am sensitive to what you will be moving through because I have done it myself. If you are needing some support beyond that of the crystalline ones please reach out to me.

(By the way, the number 44 - an angel number - keeps showing up. This is the Angels letting us know they are supporting us through the release of this collective trauma.)