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Movement in Crystals

Although all stones are moving, there are certain stones and crystals which seem to be alive with movement.  These are the stone beings that illustrate the potential of the energy within all stones.  With these particular stone beings, it is clear by looking at them.  It is especially apparent when taking pictures of them.  These stones just will not be still and are extremely challenging to photograph.  Most of the pictures I take come out blurred.  At first I thought it was their reflective quality that was the cause of this challenge, but I began to see that it is more than that.  For there are some stones that are reflective, but will stay still for the camera – like clear Quartz and Danburite.  And then there are some who are not reflective, like Sugilite, but which very clearly moves and also seems to generate its own light when I take pictures of it.

Everything is constantly moving.  Even that which seems still, is in motion.  Those times that we are feeling like we are “going nowhere” are our most progressive times. They are times that there is the most movement.  Those are the times where we have an opportunity to make the most powerful changes in our lives.  They are times of transition.

“I see the movement of that which seems still… 
I feel the pulse of that which appears lifeless… 
I hear the song of that which sounds silent.”

“There is purpose to everything, if we choose to see it.”

© Song of Stones 2008