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Moon Bathing


This has been a magical month. A powerful time. July is one of those rare months holding TWO FULL MOONS. I remember the first moon at the beginning of the month quite vividly.  It was quite large and yellow and it was sitting the lowest I ever remember a full moon sitting. This blog comes out on the eve of the 31st, which is the night of the second full moon, called a BLUE MOON. It’s not actually “blue” it’s just the name given to the second full moon in a month of two moons.  It give us understanding into the phrase, “once in a blue moon”.  The Blue and Yellow tones have come up many times for me this month. I’m feeling that these colour rays are significant at this time. I sense that they have a gift to offer us.

With the extra full moon this month, I imagine it’s no coincidence that I’ve been guided to talk to you about MOON BATHING with Himalayan Salt Crystals. We don’t often think of Salt as being a “crystal” but it is. Salt can offer us much in the way of spiritual gifts of enlightenment and healing energy vibrations. It’s just that we’ve labeled it as a food and we sometimes forget that it is much more than that.


Salt is a UNIVERSAL substance. It is vital to our very existence. There isn’t one among us who doesn’t know what salt is. Because it is common place and abundant, we often take it for granted, but it is vital to our very existence. Salt has been used throughout our history from flavoring and preserving food to currency. It is a key ingredient in the sacred arts of alchemy and magic.


What I wabath-oval3nt to talk to you about here at this powerful time, during the second full moon of this month, is about using salt for MOON BATHS. Bathing with Himalayan Salt Crystals anytime has powerful cleansing benefits to the body. During Full or New Moons, there is an added energetic benefit and BOOST. It probably comes as no surprise to those of us who have a constant connection with the stone beings. We know that one of the well practiced methods of “clearing” crystals is SALT, especially during a full or new moon. Many of us place our crystals out to bathe in the moon’s light during those 2 points in the month. We understand the power of those high vibrational times.

In the midst of these two moons I was shown through a vision that if you add the high light vibrations of a Crystal to your salt, you enhance the energy of your Moon Bath experience.  Plus you get the added benefit of your particular crystal’s gift. In that vision I saw an Emerald Crystal sitting atop the salt inside the pretty containers of the Bath Salts I offer on the Song of Stones website. Emerald showed up last month to co-create the Emerald Heart Star Song, vibrating to a wondrous song of the pure love of an open heart. That Star Song is still available to those who wish to experience its energy.


You can invite in the energy of any of the crystalline beings to your Moon Bath, but my sense is that Emerald has something special to offer us at this time. We are moving through a time of rapid shifts and the crystals can help us to ease the physical and emotional ups and downs that come with those changes. Let them guide you. They’ll show you how it’s done. All you have to do is be open to their messages.