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Lithium Quartz Crystals for Fear and Anxiety

We live in a day when people reach for antidepressants as easily as we once used to reach for candy. There is a reason so many of us feel anxious, scared and depressed. We are moving through a time of great change and powerful transformation. We are beginning to awaken to the truth of who we are and doing so shatters some very long held, deeply ingrained, belief systems.

Knowing ourselves as Light

Of course knowing ourselves as light and magic is wondrous. However realizing that all that we believed to be true is a carefully orchestrated illusion brings up a lot of fears. I don’t know which frightens us more––remembering who we are or not remembering who we are. You see staying asleep in this time where the veils between our worlds continue to thin we experience things that can’t be explained. Sometimes we can’t even put our finger on what it is that we’re sensing and that can be even more disconcerting.

For those who would rather reach for a crystal than a drug, there are many crystals that can help us move through this time of uncertainty. There is one in particular that I want to focus on … Lithium included Quartz Crystals.

The Gentleness of Lithium Crystals

Lithium Quartz Crystals have a very gentle energy.  In my connection with Lithium I found that it put me in touch with my deepest feelings, helping me to bring them up to the surface where I can experience them without judgment.  The Lithium Crystals help me to reach the peaceful centre of my being. The truly wonderful thing is that each time you get to that peaceful centre, you stay there longer and longer. It is possible to get to a place where you are living in that blissful state consistently and even permanently. But even living in that state half the time would make life a lot more pleasant.

Lithium Crystals come forward at this time to offer their gift of peaceful energy and to show us how to move into that blissful state. It is our natural state of being and we already know how to get there. We’ve simply forgotten. Lithium Quartz helps us to remember.

Home to Ethereal Beings

I have noticed that Lithium Crystals are often home to the ethereal beings of the outer realms like faeries and angels. I am always finding a magical being living with this type of Quartz. One of my personal Lithium Guides co-habits with a mermaid. It makes me wonder which is responsible for their peaceful energy. Perhaps it is both. Perhaps it is their peaceful co-existence in and of itself that is the reason they have such a calming effect on us. After all our anxieties come from our struggle with our duality.

Maybe we’ll figure it out but wherever the magic of Lithium Quartz comes from, we can take comfort in the knowing that they have come to help and we can find peace from these very special stone beings.


Originally Published September 29, 2017