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Listening with trust

Songs take you to another place. A place outside the noise and distraction of the mind’s criticisms and thoughts of gloom. They forge a pathway deep into your soul.  It is a place of peacefulness. An alignment of harmony. A place where all parts of yourself converge into fluid unity. In that space you feel who you are – the true you, shed of layers of protective pretences … free of deceptive disguises. It is a happy joyful state. There is no pain here.This is the place where true “healing” – true transformation – occurs. It is the opening to living an honest, authentic existence. It is a reunification of your self. It is your ego and soul … re-merged.

The Stone beings sing that song. They create an opening to the space of oneness. They hold that space until you are ready to enter. They accept you with unconditional love.

The stones have a song for you

You can hear the song they sing for you…and they do have a song for you…they have many songs for you.  You can hear the message that song holds for you. It is a personal message, one meant specially for you. Listen to what they say…it is your soul speaking to you through their voices.

You don’t have to be initiated and you don’t have to train for a set number of years and you don’t have to be a shaman or reiki master. You don’t need to receive an attunement or permission in order to hear the songs of the stones. This is something you already know how to do. You may have forgotten that you carry this inherent ability but YOU DO HAVE IT.

How do you reclaim that forgotten mastery?

Simple … just listen.

Listen to the stones.  Listen to the silent voice inside you. Trust the words that come. Trust what your inner eye sees. Trust the feeling and inspiration that you receive.


Trust yourself.


The stones will remind you. Simply being in their presence is enough to spark your memory. Spend time with them in the stillness and you will see. In the meantime, I’ll remind you. I’ll tell you over and over again to...


Trust yourself.


That message––to remind you of your beautiful, natural gift––came to me through listening to the stones. I was able to hear it because I listened AND I trusted what came through. I trusted that it was true. That message is their summer song to you. It is a gift to both of us.


Trust yourself…


Originally published July 2, 2012