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Listening to the Song of Stones

A very dear customer asked me a question recently.  It was a deep question and required that I honour it from a deep place. I realized that if one person was having this question that others might too and so I decided to answer the question in this month’s blog.

This friend was curious about how the songs came to me. Do I hear words or receive images. How is it that I perceive or receive the songs. Despite my encouragement that she could listen to the songs of the stones herself, she feels that perhaps she needs to learn something or resolve a past issue or receive an attunement to be able to hear what I hear … or that maybe it’s just not something she is able to do at all. She felt that perhaps it came so naturally to me that I might not realize that others can’t do what I do. A question also arose as to why sometimes in the songs, I use “we” when the song is coming from a single stone or other being (I sometimes listen to songs for Animals, or other beings).


Does it come naturally?

I’ll try to answer these questions, as best I can. I encourage your comments and any further questions on this subject or any others.

I’m going to begin by saying, though it may seem to you that listening to the songs comes easily and naturally to me, it was not always the case. I also felt as you do, that others may be able do this “special” thing, but not me. It was not so long ago that I felt this way.


Familiar Doubts

I felt the same doubts and hesitations and fears that you feel when you open your heart in trust of yourself. I say this with the utmost honesty and conviction … I am not any more gifted, or intuitive, or aware, or spiritual than anyone else.  I have merely begun to trust. I have merely released some of my doubts and fears. I have merely stopped trying to do anything and opened up to being in the moment.

Every single time I listen to a song, the familiar doubts creep in. 

    “Who are you to presume to do this.” 

    “Who are you to think that you can do this.”

    “You should not have committed to listen to this song. 
     You can’t do it – just refund your client.” 


Then the Song begins

If I can stay still in the face of these Ego assaults, they fade into nothingness and the song begins. Then, just as consistently and powerfully as these doubts and fears creep in each time, so too comes the appearance of the gifts that are a result of the patience of holding fast in myself and awaiting the treasure.

I can’t tell you exactly how the songs are perceived because they come in different ways. Sometimes it’s an inner knowing.  Sometimes I hear a word or words. Sometimes, I just write and the words flow out. Sometimes I hear a song – a literal musical song like a top ten hit or something. Sometimes I get an image.  Sometimes it’s a combination.


It's not a secret but...

I hesitate to share this with you…not because it’s a secret, but because I don’t want you to have any expectations. Your songs will be revealed to you in your own way. I can’t even begin to imagine the ways in which the Universe will reveal the songs to you. If I were the most creative woman on this planet, I would not come close to the genius of the Universe in manifesting its gifts to us. I only know that your message will show up in a way that will work for you.  It will come in a way that you can easily connect with.  The more open you are, the more easily the message will be revealed to you.


I and We

As to the question of why I sometimes refer to “we” in the songs for a singular being. I can only say that it is my sense that those “individuals” are really a collective being perceived as an individual being by us. That is my intuitive understanding and I always try to honour what flows through as truthfully as possible, without censoring it. So even though my mind knows I’m listening to a single Quartz Crystal, my heart is aware that this crystal is not truly a single being, but much more than that.

You might wonder why I’m encouraging others to listen to the songs themselves when offering the songs is part of my livelihood (so to speak).  It’s like a dress shop owner encouraging women to make their own dresses. That might be a whole other subject for another blog, but I feel I need to say at least this...


It is your Song

I am here and available to listen to the songs for anyone who asks, but when I listen to a song for you…it is YOUR song. It comes from YOU. I may be writing it down, but it is coming from YOU. It is my deep knowing that YOU can hear/receive/perceive/conceive (whatever word you want to use) the songs for yourself. Actually––I believe that you are ALREADY doing so.

You may simply be choosing to hear your song through me, and I am honoured to be witness to it with you. You don’t need to get your message this way––through me––but it is one possibility. You see, when you ask me to listen to a song for you, really you are listening to and perceiving the songs yourself. You are simply doing it through the “song of stones”––through me.


Can you do it too?

You may not be open to accept yet that you are bringing through the songs yourself or that you can hear the songs as easily as I can hear the songs. 

Listen, I could tell you that only I can hear the “songs”. I could say that the only way to get the message this crystal has for you is to listen to my songs––that I am the only one who can listen to the “song of stones”.

I could say that I have some special gift and I’ve been initiated by an otherworldly being––that I have been chosen for this gift with great purpose. I could say that if you want to do what I do, it will require years of practice followed by a test and then a special ceremony of initiation that only I can preside over.


This is the truth

But the truth is that you and I have the same power and ability to hear the whispers of the crystalline ones. To hear any of the messages that the Universe is always sending to us.

All you need to do to start hearing them, is to believe that you can.


First published September 27, 2011