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Keeping Crystal Time

Crystals show us how to step out of the rapids of a rushed existence and find fullness and flow at a slower pace.

But how do we slow down and still pack in all the many things that life demands of us? The answer lies in changing our relationship with time. The stone beings can help us do that.

What is crystal time?

Crystals vibrate at one of the highest rates in material form, yet they grow and move through space at one of the slowest. They have a perspective and relationship with time that is very different from the one we as humans have with the clock.

We chase it. We race against it. We want more of it. We’re afraid of it. Sometimes we want to speed time up and sometimes we want it to slow down. Sometimes it heals us and sometimes it robs from us.

Make friends with Time

A trio of spheres once shared some wisdom with me about being in harmony with time. They told me that you can play with time, the way you play with silly putty. Time is malleable—it can be stretched.

You can try to change the shape of time but it’s not needed. Instead talk to it. Learn the language of time. Make friends with it. And when you have a personal relationship with time, it will change its shape for you. You will no longer be rushing to catch up with time. It will wait for you.

Such an experience looks like this…

- That rushed feeling—to get to work, to make the doctors appointment, to finish a project, to have dinner on the table, to pay the bills, or to even click the buy button before midnight—is suddenly not there.
- The anxiety and stress that comes from deadlines dissipates.
- Somehow so much gets accomplished in a short amount of time.
- Pressure that you thought came from outside yourself is suddenly lifted and you realize you were the one applying it.

When you release the habitual struggle against it, time becomes a friend and ally to co-create with—not race against.

How do you have a better relationship with time?

Play with it.

Notice the way time moves during different seasons or even different hours of the day. Change your routine and notice how what you do feels different, at different times of the day. Maybe if you wake up at 7:00 every morning, you try waking up at 5 or 8 and notice how different your experience is. Maybe if you eat lunch at 12:00, you try eating at 11:00 or 1:00. Maybe you shift your bedtime by an hour or 2 and notice the effect on your body.

Until you learn how to tame time, crystals can act as the bridge between the two of you. They can travel through time with you and help ease the resistance and struggle you have with it.

That is what it is to keep crystal time.

Crystals to slow down with/Time Crystals

Any crystal can help you to get out of the mad rush. They are the embodiment of patience, growing sometimes for millions of years. Following are a few known time travellers to begin with…

Copal is adept at the art of slowing down. Before it crystallized it moved like molasses.

Fossils are another great one to call in--especially snail or turtle fossils.

Lithium Quartz can help calm the nervous system when you are having a challenging time slowing down.

Fluorite shows us how to get better organized in time and teaches us how to be in a state of flow…it shows us how to flow-right.

Tangerine Time Totems carry time links which are bridges that the soul can travel upon in order to consciously connect with aspects of the self existing in other times and places. Past and future identities can be witnessed and ancient heartaches can by healed.

Time Benders came forward to guide those who are playing with time. They can show you how to call back all the disparate parts of yourself and align in real time.

Some crystals come forward to journey with you on a very deep and personal level—soul journey stones. They are very specific stone beings with a very specific purpose.

Like this one...

Sylyph has a water sprite swimming in her crystalline depths. She wanders through time with as much ease of movement as if she was swimming through the waters of her native environment.

Any crystal can take you deeper into an experience with time. Trust your intuition when choosing your time traveling companion. Go for the one which is singing most intensely for you—the one you are most drawn to.