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Is this crystal meant for me?

Crystals may seem inanimate but they have their ways of getting to where they want to be––or NOT going somewhere they are not meant to be. They may hide, or disappear, or telepathically transmit their wishes. Sometimes a crystal that we love very much gets lost or breaks. And we want to know....why?

Did I do something wrong?

Am I not worthy of this crystal?

Why doesn't the crystal want to be with me?

Or sometimes we see a crystal that we are very drawn to, but doubt creeps in and we wonder...

Is this crystal meant for me?

Is this crystal meant for me?

When we begin to ask this question what happens then is that our very human minds feel rejected. We enter into self doubt and criticism which often results in self deprecating dialogue, like: Why is this crystal not happy with me? Or…Am I not worthy, wise enough or deserving enough? Am I not enough?

It's not you

I want you to be aware that it is never about whether you are deserving of receiving a crystal. I will be clear so as to leave no doubt. If a crystal chooses not to go to you It is not be because you are not worthy of the stone or that you’ve done something wrong. It’s important that this really be heard because we humans tend to believe the thoughts that enter into our mind such as….we’re not good enough or evolved enough to receive this crystal.

The ego tells us that If a crystal chooses not to come home to us, it is because we did something wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, the human mind finds it much easier to believe the hurtful things than it does to believe the kind and loving things. So the feel-good things need to be stated more often––and maybe even with a little more intensity so that they get your attention––so I’m going to say it again…


You are deserving of the greatest gifts and you are worthy of highest honour.

They are non-judgemental beings

In my many years of experience with the stone beings I have found them to be the most loving, accepting and open beings on our earth. They don’t hold any judgements or negative thoughts about us. A crystals’ energetic emanations towards you will always be loving and for the highest good.

As I see it, if you are not to have a certain crystal it’s not because you’re undeserving of this particular crystal. It’s because you are deserving of the right and perfect crystal for you at that time. It is really always a matter of the crystal ending up where it is supposed to be and you ending up with the crystal that you’re supposed to be with.

It’s the same in our human personal relationships. Somehow the Universe arranges it so that we end up being with the exact right people at the exact right time. There too I don’t believe it’s a matter of worthiness––but of the Universe arranging for us to be with the ones who are key to our journey in this physical existence––the stone beings or human beings (or whatever form the being takes) who are in vibrational harmony with us at the time.

Vibrational Harmony

Let me just explain what it means being (or not being) in “vibrational harmony” with a crystal: It’s not about better or worse or good or bad energy. It’s about what you are in alignment with at the moment––what is best (or not best) for you at the moment––what feels good (or not good) to you at the moment. i.e. If you are going out into winter weather, you want to be wearing a warm coat and not a bathing suit so you don’t freeze. In that moment, the bathing suit is not the best thing for you. That doesn’t mean tomorrow it won’t be the perfect thing for you. It means that right now in this moment, there is something that is better for the circumstances.

So even if you may not know why a certain crystal is not for you at this time or if it breaks or becomes lost, it is important for you to understand that you need not feel at fault. Unless you intentionally wanted to cause harm to another (and if that were the case, you likely wouldn’t be worried about it anyway), then you have not done anything wrong.

You might be the Messenger

Sometimes we do get to know why a crystal is not for us. A special customer of mine sent me the perfect example and graciously gave me permission to share with you:

“In reference to your blog about stones going or not going to the right people – sometimes you send them to a middle person too. I was guided and looked and looked on your site for a certain lovely crystal and I found it. But when I got the crystal I was very disappointed, didn’t feel any connection. But… when I took it to my meditation group that evening, one of my friends looked at the crystal and instantly said: ‘she is for me’ and I cried because I knew she was absolutely right. Your crystal went to the proper person through me because my friend does not use the computer!!! Thank you again for all you do and best wishes … love always!!”

So when a certain crystal that you love doesn’t end up with you, or becomes lost or broken, reach deep into your heart, pull out your strongest faith that all is right in the Universe and trust that this is not about you doing something wrong but about you being in right alignment.

It’s always that way.


Originally published May 27, 2017