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Is my Andara Crystal a fake?

A friend of mine recently bought an Andara Crystal and afterwards she wondered if it was a fake. She asked for my advice. I decided to answer her in today’s light log post as I’m sure it’s a question many people have.

How can I tell if my Andara Crystal is a fake?

Whenever something becomes popular and highly coveted, there will always be those who will use its popularity to cash in. They will offer their fakes at lower prices and have great success. That is because the genuine stones are pricey and it is easy to be swayed by low prices.

You see this happen with the Andaras. You see it too with Moldavite and Obsidian as well as other stones. The three stones I mentioned all happen to be natural glass and can be relatively easy and inexpensive to synthesize. You can protect yourself by asking the right questions and remembering that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Adopting your crystals from a trusted source is always the best way to go.

Trust Yourself!

Above all, trust yourself. You will hear me saying this a thousand times and it is no different when you're feeling into the Andaras. For every decision and choice in your life, trust yourself. Trust that feeling at the centre of your being that tells you if something is not quite right.

Even if you are misled and end up with a man made stone that was supposed to be natural, it doesn’t mean that your crystal will not be a precious ally and guide. Keep in mind that there are many man made stones that are an accepted part of the metaphysical community, like rainbow bismuth, opalite and zincite. There are also the Aura crystals which are heated and treated with precious metals to get beautiful shimmery, opalescent and rainbow effects.


The Glowing Stone

There is one lab made stone that I have had profound experiences with—Ye Ming Zhu. This stone, which is also known as Dragon’s Pearl or Emperor’s stone, has this remarkable ability to absorb energy from sunlight and then glow in the dark. In its natural form it was a stone that was once only available to royalty. Scientists have found a way to synthesize it and it is now available to the general public. Natural or man-made, this is an incredible quality and even witnessing this stone play with light in this way can spark a profound shift.



With the Andaras, there is an extra level of misleading information and confusion. You not only have the fakes that are circulating, the “originals” themselves are considered by many to be a scam. The skeptics believe the Andara crystals to be either slag glass, a biproduct of smelting (similar to zincite) or glass remnants from industry.

The Andara Story

If you’ve not heard the story of the Andaras yet, they are said to have been discovered decades ago. by a native medicine woman named Lady Nellie. A psychic healer came to see Nellie for some healing remedies and recognized a green stone she had discovered on her property years ago. The psychic told Nellie that she had a vision of this stone and that there was more of them on her land beneath a magical white powder. Nellie was adamant that the green stone she found was the only one but at the psychic’s insistence she went to look for them. She knew the place on her property where the white powder was and there she found Andaras of many rainbow colours. Nellie passed in 2010 but people continue to tell her story and many are drawn to her Andara crystals.

I had been drawn to the Andaras for many years and only just recently found a trusted source. I had heard the story and the controversy but I wanted to experience them for myself. I was happy that I did because these beautiful beings shared a deep, mystical message, which I will publish soon. If you feel the pull of the Andara Crystals, I invite you to hold one in your hand and see for yourself if their magic is real.

There are more things ... 

Whether they are naturally formed crystals or industrial glass that was buried in the earth and transformed, it does not change the magic that surrounds the Andaras. I happen to believe that the earth and her magical inhabitants are capable of such grand transformations that the story of the Andaras is not in the least bit fantastical to me. I have seen and experienced much magic in my lifetime, much of which is hard to believe even for me. I mean I’m the person who speaks to stone beings.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes from one of the most beloved and prolific writers in history, Shakespeare ...

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.