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… into the deep

I made a pact today.  A pact with myself  – to listen as I listen to the stone beings … TO MYSELF!  When I sit with the stones and connect deeply with their open and inviting energy, it’s easy to listen.  It’s not as easy when I try to listen to the still small voice over the noise of my mind.  The mind vies for my attention as my youngest child does, and both often find a clever way to distract me from my current focus.  You gotta luv them both : )

Tonight … at 11:22 … I give my attention to some elegant, dark Aegerine Crystals before me.  They have a song.  It’s a message for you – but also for me.

The elegance of their physical form is a reflection of the elegance of their strength of will … their resolute commitment to their purpose.  There is a grace and beauty that comes from standing strong in who you are and what you bring forth into this world that was created soul-ly to allow you to express that gift.  All of life has gathered together to set the scene for you to do what you came here to do … for you to shine your light onto this world so that you could SEE YOURSELF!

LOOK … look directly into this mirror that takes it’s form all around you.  DARE to see yourself.  Don’t be afraid.  There’s another purpose for all those who have gathered together to play this game called life.  They are here to offer their support.

That is what Aegerine shared with us this evening.  It is connected to the pact I made with myself today – of course – except it is carried further and deeper.

This message is for you and for me.  We are but a reflection of each other.