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Into the body through a Crystal

I have been listening to the crystals since Song of Stones came to be over 25 years ago. Our connection has shifted and expanded quite a lot over the years but something that remained consistent was that the crystals were always singing to me and I was always listening to them. Many of their songs are scattered throughout the website and many were shared through the Sunday Sparkle newsletters and with clients.

Now I’m being inspired to share the stone songs in a different way. Less scheduled and deliberate; more spontaneous and wild. Less through the mind and more sense-ational. That is to say through the senses—the ordinary and the extraordinary ones.

Time to get out of the mind

I think this shift in the way the stones are singing are a reminder to us that in this age of information, during a time when we are bombarded with so much data, it’s time to get out of the mind and into the body.

Worldwide, people are more stressed now than they have ever been.

”There's so much information being thrown at us all the time…And of course, media thrives on the bad stuff. So, we are constantly being bombarded with crisis after crisis in the news, on social media, on the radio and on our podcasts. And all that is drowning out the good things that are happening.” --from People worldwide are unhappier article

The amount of stress and anxiety people are experiencing is now being directly connected to the attachment we have to our digital devices. With this world of information that has been opened up to us, it’s ironic that these “smart” devices are making us less smart.--from Stress and anxiety in the digital age.

More Heart

While we’re busy looking for information outside of ourselves, we are forgetting how much is available to us from within. The crystals are inviting us to check in more often with our bodies than with our phones. We will benefit from spending less time in the head space and more in the heart space.

How do we do that though?

How do we turn off the noise and escape from the constant distractions?

How do we learn how to tune back into ourselves and relearn the language of our bodies?

By touching a crystal instead of a phone.

Crystals have this magical ability to create a field of stillness that cocoons us from energetic distractions while quieting the mind. A tree will also do. As will putting bare feet in the earth or a natural body of water. The stone beings just happen to be easily and instantly available—day, night, inside, outside.

It may seem counterintuitive that something outside the body is going to help us connect to our bodies. And truthfully we don’t need anything but our intention and our breath to take us instantly inside the self. But as it stands, we need a little help to separate from the constant bombardment of digital noise.

It's easier with a community

Coming back into our bodies, whether it’s with the crystals, in nature or through mindfulness practices, takes commitment. It requires us to make our well being a priority—every day. It’s easier if you have someone to do that with. It’s better still with a whole community alongside you.

You are welcome to join our community. We (the crystals and I) are making a commitment to dedicate 2023 to getting back in touch with the wisdom and power of the body.

People look to the crystals for power. The crystals show us how to find that power within our own bodies.