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inner wisdom

A beautiful stone shared a powerful message in her song. She showed me something magical that had been buried deep within her being – something I never would have seen had she not opened herself up to me.

fairyimprint- - 18

I received a very special group of raw Variscite stones.  The pieces were quite large and we planned on splitting them into smaller ones. They’d been here for a while when the time finally came.  It was not in my plans for that day and it certainly was not the most convenient moment, but the song of the stones is difficult to ignore. As is often the case with the stones, they guided this unfolding to the very second. When I say this was orchestrated to the very second, I am not embellishing. One of the stones that came off as they were being sized down was sparkling at me.  Then another.  I picked them up and saw that they were 2 halves of one part. I looked into the sparkle that was coming from the faces of the two halves and saw something.  It drew me in closer and what I saw surprised me. It was a fairy imprint.

fairyimprint- - 13

I set this pair aside being very careful with them.  I marveled at the synchronicity of this unfolding.  If we started just one nanosecond earlier or later, we likely would not have made the same split in the stone and we wouldn’t have seen the faery imprint.   Later, when I looked at this pair more closely I noticed something that made me catch my breath.  There was an F naturally carved into the face of one of the halves.  I felt as if that F was purposely etched there so that there would be no mistaking that it was FAERIES present here with these stones.  And afterwards I heard that the faeries are present in ALL of these Variscite stones.

fairyimprint- - 19

Then in a quiet moment, when I had emptied my mind and just relaxed into what I was doing, this stone and the fairies, shared more of their wisdom with me …

Deep at the center of each being is this magical space that holds something sparkly – an inner light and powerful wisdom. This is the space of the Soul. It is the part of you that is in alignment with the Universe and from where you can and do access your creative energy and sage support. Whether you are aware of it or not, you do tap into it. Sometimes it is intentional but often times it is not. Now imagine how much more magical and peaceful your life would be if you could do this whenever you wanted. Well you can. This is YOU. The true authentic you. YOU are in fact, the ONLY ONE who can tap into this part of you. No other has the key. All you need to do in order to purposefully and consciously connect with this part of you is simple. It is something that the stones can show you how to do. These particular stones came forward with that song and can be especially helpful in this regard. You don’t need their help as you have all that you need to connect to your inner power. But they have come forward to offer their support if you wish it. All you have to do is say yes.


We each have wisdom and gifts to share with others. Think of something that you can offer another and share it. It can be anything from a special recipe or cleaning tip to wise advise or healing knowledge. In honour of your inner sage, I am offering a gift for a gift to all customers in the month of June. For anyone who shares the gift of their wisdom with us here in this blog or through the comment box at checkout or the contact page of the website will receive a special gift in return.