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Infuse yourself with Crystal Energy

We recently spoke of the benefits of surrounding the body with crystal energy. Now we’re looking at filling it with crystal energy by surrounding what you put into your body with crystals. There are many ways to infuse your body with crystal energy. Crystal Elixirs are one of the better known ways.

Crystal Elixirs

They sound mysterious and magical and they definitely are. However, creating a crystal elixir is truly quite simple. The idea is to infuse a liquid, usually water, with the energy of a crystal or crystals (for use in healing or for a blessing—cleansing, protection, love, etc.). That can be done on an altar, under the energies of the sun or moon, or on a kitchen table.

Some people place the crystals directly into the water. In that case, it’s vital to thoroughly research the type of crystal that you are using as some can be toxic if ingested. It’s not actually necessary for the crystals to be in contact with the water. The crystalline infusion happens on an energetic level so placing crystals next to the liquid is just as effective—I think it’s even more powerful that way.

The vessel that will hold your elixir can be a cup, a bottle, a jar, or a bowl. The container can be made of glass, clay or stone. I gravitate towards natural materials like glass bottles and wine carafes, Though I imagine anything would do since this is an energetic process and all things, at their essence, are energy. You can use a cup or bowl made from crystals like quartz, fluorite or agate, and in that case the vessel itself might be all you need.

Playful co-creation

Creating a crystal elixir is a beautifully engaging co-creative process where you and the crystal (or crystals) enter into a sacred dance that arises out of a deep listening and an unwavering trust. It is a sacred ceremony but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure you can make it elaborate, burning incense, honouring the 4 directions, chanting, dancing, or whatever ritual your traditions call for. It can, however, be as simple as expressing your intention with a few words or holding it silently in your heart as you place the stone(s) next to your water.

The key is to make it joyful. Be light of heart. The more playful you get, the more magical your elixir will be. Trust your intuition and the guidance of the crystals.


It’s not just water which can be transformed by crystal energy, you can imbue your food with these high frequencies as well. Place a piece of quartz in the fridge to raise the frequency of your food, or shungite to transform any toxic energy. There may be some other crystal that is singing for you for this purpose. As with the Elixirs, please do your research before placing crystals in the fridge as some crystals, like selenite can be damaged by the temperature and humidity.

Keeping crystals in the cupboard by mason jars filled with dried goods is another way to bring their energy into the body. Or try placing stones around your bowls of fruit and veggies when you prep your meal or on your dining table as you enjoy it. Remember to tap into the crystals’ ability to amplify and direct energy by focussing on the nourishment and enjoyment lovingly preparing it.

Crystals are known to amplify and direct energy so take advantage of that by focussing your love and desire to provide nourishment and enjoyment to those who will be eating the food being prepared.

Crystals and Chocolate

I love chocolate almost as much as I love crystals. I wouldn’t want to have to choose between the two. I eat raw chocolate exclusively and after a long search for a source of a bar made with 100% dark chocolate, a local artisan agreed to make some for me. The sample she sent me was delicious and I didn’t waste any time ordering some for myself and to share. When they were delivered, I was inspired to place them in a glass bowl that was made using the principles of sacred geometry. Then some crystal clusters began singing and ended up at the bottom of the bowl with the chocolate resting above them. This made the chocolate more appealing and more delicious—at least to me.