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i ❤️ u

Three crystals came together in a most incredible way. The magic began with a slaty shale stone with “i ❤️ u” imprinted on it. It called to me while I was engaged with something else. When I heard it sing I stopped what I was doing to pick it up. It was volunteering to send out a crystal blessing (for those who don’t know what that is - crystals offer their energetic gift through a morning connection and light transmission which I record and post on facebook and instagram).

Somehow the Slaty Shale “I ❤️ u” stone ended up on my desk right beside 2 other stones - and I honestly can’t tell you how those other stones came to be there. The crystals are often moving and shifting, silently guiding me on where to place them and when - and the movement could be as little as a millimetre or as far as another room. Sometimes I’m quite aware that they are guiding me. Other times I’m oblivious to their subtle direction. They will at times show me things as they are getting me to move them. At some point these 2 seemingly unrelated stones revealed their connection to the Slaty Shale - showing me they too had an I heart u carved into their surface. If they had not been in the right spot and at the right angle I would have completely missed the message.


One of the stones was a really special Infinite Stone, which happens to be a magical message board - a scribal stone which has letters, numbers and symbols appearing and morphing.



The other stone was a Desert Jasper and I’d been waiting for it to let me know when it would be offering us a blessing. The day before the New Moon the crystal woke me up at 5am. That would not only be the morning its blessing would go out, but I was hearing all three of them singing and a message began to come through.


I thought with the three heart messages this message would be about love, but it was surprisingly about disconnect through tech.


The Song of “i ❤️ u x3” …


We ❤️ u …

You created your tech to connect you, and that it has. You are now a globally interconnected society and that has brought you many benefits.

But something has happened in the process of your formation of your world wide web. You’ve lost touch with the purpose of this inter-connection and rather than use your devices to expand your boundaries, you’ve become attached to them - and you’ve made your world smaller instead.

You have become aware of your addiction to your devices and you know that in growing the number of people in your circle, you’ve lost depth in your relationships. You’ve seen that in always needing to hold onto your device, you are missing on the skin to skin contact of human to human connection.

But there is something you are not aware of and that is why we have come together to send you this message.


i ❤️ u

And to warn you of the biggest danger of your tech addiction.

And that is your severed connection to your self.

Just as you have an invisible “cloud” based matrix of emfs that connect your devices wirelessly, there are other unseen energy frequencies that connect humans to each other and to the earth. Also you have your own personal energetic matrix that connects you to your soul - your higher wisdom and your subtle senses.

Whether you are aware of them or not there are many invisible strands of energy threads that create a magical matrix that forms around each one of you and connects all that is in existence. In a sense this energetic web is the glue that keeps you together on a universal and a personal level.

The synthetic frequencies interfere with the natural ones and dampen your reception of them.

That’s why so many of you are feeling the ill effects of this tech in so many ways. That’s why you sometimes feel as if you are literally falling apart. That’s why so many of you are feeling so anxious.

Because the more connected you are to the tech, the less connected you are to the natural harmony of the universe.

i ❤️ u is not just our message. It is the symbol and signal of re-harmony.

We are here to help you to reconnect to your personal energy matrix and to the universal one.


i ❤️ u.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I noticed while the message was coming through that the each of the 3 stones have the messages imprinted on them on one of the 3 different dimensions - length, width, height. If you look at the pictures you’ll see what I mean. I say I noticed but the stones showed me. Just as they showed me that the unseen energy matrix that connects us is a 4th dimension. The emfs dampen our connection to this dimension with their disharmonious frequencies.

Today, on the new moon, this trio of special stones come together once more to share the crystal moon message. In that message, they share a tip on how to re-balance the energies in your space. (if you are not yet signed up, you are invited to join us to receive a special message from the crystals on the full and new moon each month).