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I admit that I believe in Faeries

There’s magic in the air … I know that this is normally just a figure of speech, but I mean it literally.

When I speak of magic, I speak of the way the crystals seem to be shining brighter and singing louder. and of the synchronicities and the inexplicable events that have been going on. I’m speaking specifically of things that are happening to me personally, but the truth is this magic is happening all around us … everywhere and to all of us … it’s just that there are times, with the help of some faery folk, that we can REALLY SEE IT!

Leaving their mark

The faeries are the inspiration behind this post. They have been making their presence felt and known … especially in a particular crystal. It began with a lightning crystal … I’m always seeing the faeries in these lightning struck crystals and I had been wondering if these lightning marks aren’t actually faery footprints. This seems to be true of the self healed crystals as well as there are often faeries dancing in the crystals that have had a healing. My sense is that they are there to help with the healing.

There were a few customers interested in this specific Lightning crystal. Strange things began happening as it was choosing its new home … pictures not getting through, and then appearing days later … links that were going to the wrong places … being chosen by one and then ending up with another … it was not the typical course of events.

Through their play, the faeries did make sure that the crystal ended up going where it needed to go, but I feel that there was a deeper purpose in their presence and playfulness.

Sprinkled with Faery Dust

There was a common thread between each of those involved with this Lightning crystal, and that was that each of us wound up discussing the faeries. They sprinkled their magical dust on each of us and we felt their presence so powerfully that we began speaking to each other about them. And that I believe was their true purpose in this whole wonderful synchronistic experience.


As big and open to Spirit and Magic that this world has become, we are still hesitant to speak openly of such things. Our silence causes us to feel alone and sometimes to doubt our sanity. We find ourselves wondering if these magical things that happen are really true, or if we’re having our own private hallucination.

So I'm not crazy!

Each of us who were involved in the Fairy-Lightning crystal connection felt comfort and a little relief in sharing this experience openly with each other. It is one thing to know or believe that faeries are real and another to take that knowing outside of ourselves and share it with others. It is comforting to know that there are others that believe.

I am definitely a believer and I know a quite a few others who are not shy to admit that they play with faeries. I'm sharing this magical experience with these elemental beings, and admitting to my belief in faeries, so that those who doubt their sanity can know that they are not crazy and that they are not alone.


Originally published November 10, 2017