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How to use a Pendulum

Pendulums are amongst the first of the tools that light workers are drawn to. They have beauty, they have mystery, they have magic, they have answers! They help us to connect to the wisdom and intuition that is sometimes buried so deep that we can’t reach it directly.

There are many different types of pendulums, metal, wood, glass, crystal (my favourite). But really anything weighty enough that dangles and can swing freely can be a pendulum—like a pendant or keychain.


I’ve recorded a video that shows you how to use a pendulum and even to make your own:


The pendulum is a tool to help you to get answers to simple yes or no questions. The answers may come by way of this swinging crystal but they originate from you—or they come from the Universe through you. Either way, you hold the answers inside yourself. While you are getting to know and trust yourself, the pendulum can be a great training tool—if you choose to use it as such.

Where are the answers coming from?

Before you ask a pendulum for answers, check in with your own inner sense. Take a moment or two to be still and listen to your heart and body for the answer. Do it without expectation as to how the answer will show up. Do it without the expectation that you will receive an answer at all.

Just play with it. Be open to all your senses. Some people will get their intuitive responses through their thoughts, some through their body, some through a vision or a voice, some through an instant knowing—and there are more ways still to hear the universe.

Have an open Heart

Then, once you’ve checked with your own intuition, see what the pendulum says. With time, practice and an open heart, you will begin to see that your answers are often the same as the pendulum’s. As you build self trust, your answers will match your pendulum more times than not. When your intuition is always matching your pendulums answers, you no longer need it.