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How to receive energy from a crystal

Crystal energy is grounding, harmonious, and transformational. But how do we tap into their healing frequency in order to receive this energy?

There are many ways to connect with crystals and really there is no right or wrong approach. Simply being with a crystal can have a balancing and harmonious effect on us. However, there are ways through which we can tap into the most magic and power of the stone beings. Ways that open up the possibility for greater and more profound transformation.

I’m going to be sharing different ways that we can expand our capacity to receive crystal energy throughout the year, but today let’s begin with the most important one.

Having an open heart

The heart is the gateway to our energy bodies. Closing our hearts off will block us from crystal energy, but that’s not all. Barricading the heart is akin to putting up a big sign that says NO to anything that comes our way. We may be able to protect ourselves from pain and heartache, but we will also cut ourselves off from the magic of the world, including the energetic gifts of the stone beings.

Barriers to an open heart


Being too much in our heads can quickly cut us off from our hearts. Connecting to crystals by “the book”, may be practical but it has limitations. When we choose them based on what we think we need or what we’re told we need, rather than choosing the ones we’re most drawn to and we most love, then we may receive what we asked for, but nothing more. When we use them according to instruction, we will miss the subtle guidance that would lead us towards deep, transformational shifts.


When we have preconceived notions of what a crystal is and does, we close ourselves off to their potential. We may never discover the gifts that they have beyond what is known. It’s not because the information we have about the crystal is wrong. But when we’ve made up our minds that rose quartz will help us open our hearts, we might not know that the blue Celestite we have that we can’t stop picking up and holding to our chest is actually the perfect one to help our heart expand.


Doubting ourselves quickly takes us out of our hearts. We can still benefit from crystal energy, but we will miss out on the big magic—the kind that comes through in the silent messages of our intuitive self—the kind that we can only access when we are in full trust.


The realm of energy is a mysterious one and the unknown is scary. When we’re afraid of a crystal our defences come up and we block ourselves from their gifts. This is just as true for people who are new to crystal healing as it is for those who have been working with crystals for many years.

We may have reacted with a headache or dizziness to hematite and now we are more careful about our interactions with all crystals. It’s true that some crystals contain elements that can be toxic, like lead or cadmium, and precautions may need to be taken. If there is fear present, it’s best to avoid working with those crystals. The stone beings are such perfect reflectors that our fears can get amplified.

Sometimes the crystals which scare us can end up being our greatest teachers and healers. When the epic green quartz crystals first arrived here, I had such a strong reaction to them that I told my supplier I was sending them back. Knowing they were going I was able to relax and my heart opened up enough to feel their beauty. I not only kept them but asked my supplier to send me every single last one that he had.

Electric Heart

Opening and empowering the heart is part of the magic and medicine of the 2024 year stone for Song of Stones—lightning quartz crystals. It is a topic that we will be delving deeper into here and in our weekly Sunday Sparkles.


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