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How do you find the right crystals for your grid?

Now that you know “Why you would create a Crystal Grid“, the question might then become …

How do you find the right crystals for your grid?

How do you know which crystals will vibrate harmoniously together and which ones will serve the purpose you are wanting to manifest? Do you consult books or seek out the advice of experts? Can you choose intuitively or is there a secret formula?

Just as I had decided to write about crystal grids for this month’s blog, the Universe presented me with a beautiful experience that I might share with you.

Crystal Grid Courtesy of Denise Linn


A friend called me last night because she wanted a centre piece for a very special grid she was creating for a seminar she will be teaching. She had a specific intention for the energy she is wanting to bring into being. We talked about it and then we both decided to dream on it.

I dreamed that a group of us were travelling back and forth between past and future to change the world and to prevent the human race from being destroyed. Some power was trying to prevent us from our mission and they sent a giant robot to stop us. That robot came for one of us specifically – but instead of harming him, this robot became his personal protector, never leaving his side and ignoring the rest of us. While our friend busied the robot, we took advantage of this opening to carry out our mission, unimpeded. We travelled into the future to check to see if we had affected any change. We were shocked to discover a race of human-cyborg hybrids whose purpose and philosophy was much different than that of the human race. We realized that the giant robot that was sent back to stop us must have succeeded. We figured out that what he came to do was not harm but to impregnate his charge. The plan was never to destroy us – it was to recreate the world in the way they wanted it to be – through influencing the future generation and not by genocide. (The Robot and his charge were both masculine. Perhaps that symbolizes the boundlessness of creation and how it can happen in ways we may not expect or might not even imagine.)

While all this was going on, I was searching for something … a crystal bowl. I don’t think it had anything to do with our collective mission – it was personal.

Looking back on the dream, I realized that a bowl is a vessel to hold something. It can be symbolic of a womb – a sacred space within which to incubate a creation. I realized that I was being shown that the centrepiece of my friend’s grid was to be a crystal bowl. I was being shown that to change the world, you must recreate it … beginning with an open space in which to place whatever energy it was that you desired.

My friend and I are dream dancers so we often receive inspiration and answers from dreams. So in this case, the crystal we sought out would reveal itself in a dream. But there are many ways in which the crystals for a grid you want to create may reveal themselves. You may see the crystal in your mind’s eye after holding an intention to find it. It may be that you hear mention of the crystal several times within a day or two and that calls your attention to it. There is no one way to hear the song of the stones … just as there is no one purpose for your search.

Courtesy of J from Washington, DC

Sometimes the crystals for a circle will not reveal themselves all at once. Sometimes it happens over time – it may be hours, days, weeks or even years. One crystal will begin singing and then another will join and soon the pattern of a crystal grid begins to emerge. If you can be patient and allow the grid to come into presence in its own time, it becomes a sacred ceremony. The most powerful circles come together when you allow the creation to form without expectation of what it is going to be, nurturing and growing it in sync and harmony with the creation itself. The creation has consciousness … a seed that can through its subtle influence, recreate the world and change the future.

My gratitude to the examples of grids that were generously shared by friends of Song of Stones.