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How do I know if a crystal wants to be with me?

Recently a customer of mine asked me if a stone didn’t want to go to a customer who ordered it, would I know and would I tell them. I think that’s an important question and I’m going to begin to answer it in this month’s post.

The stones and crystals may seem to be inanimate objects but they are very much alive and have their own unique way of getting to where they want to be and to who they are supposed to be with.

Those of you who have shared deep connections with the stone beings will know this to be true. They are quite clever and creative in orchestrating their movements. If a crystal is not supposed to go to someone it won’t. That will happen with or without my participation. However, when a stone has something to say (or sing) I listen. And if there is a message to be passed on to a customer, I would honour that sacred trust – even if it was to let them know that a certain crystal is not for them.

I’ve received many messages from the crystalline ones over the years I’ve been blessed to have them in my life. Sometimes it’s a direct message or direction for how to work with a particular crystal, which I will pass along; sometimes I’m asked to list a particular crystal at a certain time and sometimes the guidance is to remove a listing (and it could be temporarily or permanently); sometimes I’m guided to wrap them a certain way for shipping; sometimes I’m given inspiration to pair them with another and so I include the pair mate in the package as a gift; sometimes the faeries step in and send me on a search for a lost pencil and I end up finding a crystal that is to be set aside for someone who will soon come to claim it.

There are a lot of different ways the crystalline ones communicate their intentions and their messages. I think I can best answer the question that I was asked by sharing with you some actual examples of times where the crystals played with an order for a customer or whispered their intent to me.


One time a customer ordered some stones from me and when I was preparing her package, one of the crystals she ordered was not where it was supposed to be. I searched not once but twice but I just couldn’t find it. I got in touch with my customer to let her know one of her crystals was hiding. She told me that she already felt she wasn’t supposed to have that particular stone. She accepted my offer of listening for a different stone instead and I believe that ultimately the right stone got to her. Right after her package left, I found the crystal in the very place it was supposed to be. So it seems in this case, the crystal hid because another was to be sent in its place. There may be other reasons that the crystals hide or disappear. Sometimes it’s a timing thing. The crystals might hide temporarily in order that they are sent off at just the right moment. Sometimes they become invisible because there is another stone that is to be included as a gift and they wish to give me time to realize it.

There are some crystals which I’m guided not to list on the website. For instance, there is one special group of crystals that came to be here who communicated to me that they were not to be listed on the website. They were for very specific people and they would let me know when and to whom they would go. They have been here for years and so far only a couple of people have received those crystals. Each time I was specifically directed to them in a unique way. One time was when a customer asked me to choose a crystal for them and I was shown an image of that sequestered crystal in my mind’s eye and was given a message to go along with it. The other time it was very intricately orchestrated. Again a customer asked me to choose a crystal for them. I was searching and nothing was shimmering and then suddenly I was told to stop looking and just wait. Later I was lead to a paper that had the name of this cloistered crystal written on it and a number which was the exact value that the customer asked to spend. (This note was written years before.) It was very clear through this magical synchronicity and whispered directions that this crystal was to be for her.









There was one time where a customer purchased a crystal from me and when I went to wrap the crystal and send it out, I was guided to lower the price and issue a refund. It may be that the crystal was priced higher so that it would not sell until the exact right person came along. Or perhaps it had to do with a number vibration. Sometimes I know the reasons behind the mystical movements and sometimes I don’t.

These are just a few of many other such examples. My purpose in sharing these is to give you a glimpse into how I co-create with the stone beings and to show you how their messages come through to me. I believe that goes a long way to answering the question of whether I would know if a crystal had a desired intent and if I would honour that. So yes … I do listen to the messages and wishes of my crystal friends and it is always my intention to honour all who are involved in the process of such magical connections.


Magic happens when we listen to and trust the messages from the crystals while in alignment with our inner spirit. It is that alignment of body, mind and spirit that allows us to hear the whispers of the stone beings (and other silent communicators). I’m telling you this because I want you to know that you can do the same thing. Anyone can hear the silent songs of those who speak in a language other than our own. It is a matter of going into that still small space of the spirit and patiently listening.

I’m going to continue this in next month’s blog because there is something very important that I didn’t yet get to about what happens when a crystal does not want to go to a particular person.