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Hot Pink Healer

Does dying a crystal affect its energy?

I had a light worker reach out recently and ask me what I thought about crystals which have been dyed. The question came in perfect synchronicity because I had just been soaking in the healing energy of a dyed agate.

The intensely pink stone first began singing to me about a year ago at at time when I was healing an injury to my hand. It appeared to me in a dream and come morning, this vivid gem led me right to it. I would probably not have thought to pick up a dyed stone otherwise. I didn’t even think I had any.

It ended up being a great comfort, helping with easing the pain as well as with accelerating the mending.

Raw and Natural

I am most often drawn to the raw, natural stones. Truthfully, I did feel a bit of a resistance to any type of treated stone. Not because I don’t see the beauty in stones that have been altered by humans, but I tend to go for the ones that came straight from the earth, untouched, rough, a little sullied by silt and sand.

The dyed and treated stones are very popular. The “Aura” crystals are a good example. They undergo a colour change through a heating process where they are bonded with precious metals to achieve shimmery, opalescent and rainbow effects as well as intense, deep, rich jewel tones. People love them. I love them.

Changing the body

But there is sometimes a concern about whether changing a crystal’s colour means also changing its energy. And perhaps in some way it does. Anytime a being goes through a transformation, there is bound to be a change—a growth, a new perspective, a physical or emotional scar. But at their essence, they are still same. They can’t lose the magic that makes them who they are.

Is dying a crystal so much different than a person colouring their hair, painting their nails, or the myriad of other ways someone might change their appearance. No matter what we do to our bodies, at our essence we are still the same. I believe it is the same with dyed stones. The colour may be different but I don’t believe that a change in appearance can affect the true essence and magic of a crystal.

My experience with dyed agate made me more open to the crystals of all kinds. I was reminded of their magic again recently after a tumble on the ice following a winter storm that turned the sidewalk into a slip and slide. Once again I heard the song of my hot pink healer friend. And once again she helped me with the pain and the mending. She also helped with letting go of the remnants of an old trauma I’d been releasing just before the fall.

Could it be coincidence?

By the way, and I only just realized this moment, the trauma I cleared was related to a tooth I got a gold cap for—a change to my physical body (like dyed agate and Aura crystals). It is an added "coincidence" that Aqua Aura Crystals get their colour through a process of being bonded with gold (like my tooth).

There are always little synchronicities, or you can call them as coincidental connections, when in the presence of crystals.