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Heaven’s Scent

What do Essential Oils have to do with Crystals and Stones?

It is clear how powerful scents are.  They can take us to the heights of ecstasy and drive us to the edge of madness.  They are held in our cells as memory and connect us to experiences no longer present in our awareness.  These scents can even carry us to other lifetimes.  They reach deep into our souls and touch us in a very special and unique way.  They go beyond words – beyond linear thought – right to a type of communication so pure and more real than any other physical experience.  It is one of the deepest of the physical sensations.  It is the most fleeting – less substantial than any others – yet it reaches inwards the farthest.  If you bring presence and awareness to the experience, then it can become a life shifting connection.

There is more to know here.  There is a quality of the essential oils that is not commonly known of, or thought of.  They are well known for their healing properties, both physically and emotionally and of course for their aromatic quality, but there is something else – something long forgotten.  Scents can do more than support the alignment of body and soul.  They are a connective influence between living beings.  There is an element of scent that is present in other realms besides our physical space.  A part that is present in each realm simultaneously.  This unifying element can open us to the presence of this other realm.  It can act as a bridge between the realms.  Not many are aware of this because very few have access to pure true, unadulterated oils.

Most of the essential oils that people are exposed to are mass produced from cultivated crops which may have been genetically modified and or sprayed with chemicals.  Even those oils that are certified organic, may be mass produced in an environment artificially created for the purpose of growing the plant for commercial applications – and first and foremost, for profit.  No matter how much effort and energy and even love is put into this controlled process, nothing can reproduce the beautifully balanced elements that come together ”organically” to produce perfect conditions that support the life of a wild plant, or one that is grown in a co-creative way.  Those plants will have something beyond what we might typically expect.  They will have a beautifully harmonious vibration that will support us in a deeper and more soulful way.

These are the oils that will reach deep into your soul and touch the part of you that is hidden by the density of this physical existence.  These are the oils that will be nourishing to body, mind AND spirit.  These are the oils that have been long forgotten by all but a very few.  Those that will be drawn to these oils will most likely be the ones who have a memory (conscious or not) of connecting with them in the past and are being inspired to reconnect to their pure essence once more.  They may be drawn to them without even knowing why.  It’s like reconnecting with a dear, wise, old friend.

We are living in a time of great disconnect with the natural world.  Even those things we are told are natural – or think of as natural – have been modified, preserved, and mass produced.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we are affected by this disconnect.  There is a part of us that feels this loss.

There are many ways we can reconnect to the earth and to our true essence – to our Soul.  Pure – truly pure – lovingly co-created – essential oils are one of those ways – one of the most profound and pleasurable ways, besides crystals which are my first love.  Funnily it is the crystals that have been guiding me to explore the oils.  They are singing out to connect with the oils.  I’m excited to discover what new songs they will sing together.  Both the stone beings and the essential oils support us in connecting with the earth in a very special and deep way.  Each have their own vibrational signature and we will experience Gaia in a different way with each of them, but together, I imagine the Earth connection may be even more powerful and certainly more pleasurable.

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