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Heart Felt Expression

violetrosestarsong - 4

Lavender Quartz has been singing in harmony with Pink Smithsonite. This pretty pair came together vibrating the energy of clear and direct communication in relationships. They teach us to listen to the truth within and beneath the words others speak or don’t speak to us. They do more though than just show us how to LISTEN CLEARLY. They show us how to communicate CLEARLY and DIRECTLY – but with LOVE.  IMAGINE if we all did that … if we all spoke the truth that was in our hearts with a loving voice. We may avoid much conflict and misunderstanding that way.

The energy of these loving and beautiful beings went out into the ethers through a very powerful Star Song that was shared this month.  I found it so synchronistic that this ethereal elixir came into presence on the day before Valentines Day – a day that celebrates HEART FELT EXPRESSION. After having been blessed by this star song twice, I can say that I have never experienced a more powerful way of releasing relationship “stuff”.  In the center of the energy of these wonderful beings, anything in a relationship that needs to be expressed, WILL BE!  If you want to experience the power of these crystals through a Star Song elixir, it is still being offered currently.  If you choose this, please be prepared for the conversations that this energy will call on you to have.  If you’re willing to do that, you may find that this communication deepens and transforms your relationship in the most profound way.

lavender18 - 10

It’s not a coincidence that a small group of ethereal Lavender Quartz Crystal gems come to be here at this time singing of clarity in communication. Their presence has great purpose. They are here in alignment with the grand expansion of the feminine and the current pulse of energy that is being broadcast through the Universe. As the feminine expands and we grow into grander, truer and more powerful versions of ourselves, so too does our message. As we become clearer about who we are, we speak more clearly about who we are. That is the mission of these violet glowing crystal emissaries. They come to shower you with their opalescent violet rays which flow into your heart, offering their gift of “light”ened clarity so that your words will flow unencumbered by the weight of uncertainty.

violetrosestarsong - 8

If you have been wishing to be heard and to hear with heart centered clarity, then invite these precious ones into your lives and experience their magic.