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Have you ever felt lost?

Have you ever felt lost.   Lost in your own life.  Going through all the motions of the daily routines yet feeling somehow they are unfamiliar to you.  You travel on a path that you happened upon or were even strongly guided to take.  And even when the scenery changes, there is something comfortable about it because you are still on the same path.  Over time, your road has become worn and easy to tread upon.  It’s familiar and you know your way.  But then something rises up inside you – an empty feeling – a feeling as if something is missing.  It may even feel as if there’s something you’re forgetting but you don’t know what.

You don’t realize that these feelings come up because you’re searching for something.  You may not even realize that you are even searching because all you know is only what you’ve been exposed to during the journeys along your path.  Even if you are aware of your search, you don’t realize that the reason you’re not finding what you’re looking for is because it’s outside the reach of your stride.  It may only be a fraction of a degree off of your course but it’s out of your line of vision and you just can’t see it.

It may just be that at this time you are called to leave your comfort zone and beat down the brush and create a new path that will take you in the direction that allows you to see that which was not visible from where you were.

I’ve been feeling this way lately … sensing a change but not knowing what it was … being called to just let go and trust in what is to come … not knowing when or from where the change will come but simply having to be prepared for it when it does.  Perhaps it’s a seasonal thing.  Or perhaps it’s a universal thing rather than personal thing.  I’ve come to see that we are so interconnected that when one of us is sensing something often times many of us are feeling the same thing.  (After I typed this blog I received a post from a facebook friend with a cute quote about being LOST!  I love when the Universe sends confirmation.)

So, in case you guys are feeling lost too … if you are feeling that same anxiety that arises from the changing seasons or the uneasiness that stems from the moments where life takes us in a new direction, whether it be willingly or kicking and screaming … I have something to offer that can help ease the physical and emotional discomforts that spring from those changes.  That offering is the presence of the stone beings.

The stone beings can be a great support in shifting to a new path.  They support us through our fear of change and through the stresses that comes with it.  They help us to connect with our deeper self so that we can tap into the guidance that illuminates the way.  They help us to connect to the stillness so that we can hear our guidance.  They can help ground when we feel as if we are floating away.  They can help us connect to other sources of support as well, like our ethereal guides – angels, fairies, animal totems and the like.  Mostly our crystalline friends help us to understand and know ourselves so that we can be present and aware of the openings to new pathways as they appear.

One of the most valuable and beneficial things about being in the presence of the stone beings during times of transition, is being exposed to their natural state of peacefulness amidst chaos.  Attuning to that vibration can help us to accept the “chaos” (feeling out of control) during the state of “now knowing” so we can see that this “in-between” time is possibly the most precious and the most beautiful.  It’s like spring and autumn – the seasons are changing – there is no order to the days.  Sometimes it feels like summer and sometimes like winter.  The temperatures change by extremes from one day to the next, teasing us with tastes of what is coming or what has gone.  But if we let go of the disorder and allow ourselves to see the magnificence of the emerging colours that are a byproduct of the change, then we get such a gift.  The beauty that arises during the shift IS THE POINT of this time in limbo.  If we can see that, then the anxiety and fears and dread and boredom fizzle away and this painful pause can become a wondrous vacation and even an exciting adventure.