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Guardians of the Story of the Birth of the Fairy Baby Triplets

A group of Brazilian Laser Wands began to call my attention.

“This is a special group” is what I heard.

There were 22.  (I only just counted now and as I write this).  It was so clear as to which ones were part of this group.  Almost as if these 22 crystals were illuminated.

One in particular stood out.  It was a unique Star Child crystal.  Two crystals joined together near the base.  While I was looking at her form, fascinated by how she grew to be this way,  I let go and she fell.  The base crystal released from her parent and she lay there in 2 pieces.

My first thought was how sorry I was, that I had broken her.  No matter – I would keep her.  Her beauty is not less that she is now in pieces.  Soon I realized the purpose in this separation.  This base crystal was, for lack of a better word, an egg.

Something magical was happening.  A birth.  Birth of a fairy baby – which I soon realized were actually twins.  Then, as I renewed my connection with her before I began to listen to her song, I saw that they were not twins, but triplets!  This fairy baby crystal holds the theme of a triangle in her form.  She has 3 full sides (instead of the usual six).  Each of the fairy babies are very clear in their form – holding a special spot easily seen from each of the 3 sides.

I grew to understand that the other 21 crystals were there to support and witness this special birth.  (Just saw a 7 in the mother crystal).  The seven feels significant in this creation process …  7 x 3 = 21.  There are two 7 sided faces on the mother crystal – transmitter.

There’s something else about 21 … 3 weeks.  Part of monthly cycle – moon connection.  It takes 21 days to create a pattern.

I also believe there’s a connection to DNA – but I’m not clear as to what that is in this moment.

What is your song?

A spiral of energy.  Breath connecting.  Synergy.

We are guardians of the Fairy babies, but not in the sense the word often implies.  We are not protectors – the babies do not require protection.

In the same vein, the babies are guardians to us.  Again, they do not protect us – we also need no protection.

So what then does guardian mean.  Well … friend, teacher, family and most important perhaps – witness to their story.

There is a story to be told – a gift to emerge.  That story requires that it be enacted, that it be told and that it be listened to.  We are all part of this story.  You are now part of this story.  That is our role as guardians … not so much of the babies, but of the story.

So now you join us in this adventure.  Each of us holds different facets of the story.  You hold one too.  You must, or you would not have come to be witness to it now.

Shift to Fairy Babies…

Are the stories true and real.  Are we true and real.  What is real.  What is truth.  Do those that believe in our existence know something the others don’t.  Or is it the other way around.

Here is the way it is …  For those who don’t believe in our existence, we are not real.  For those who know we are real, we exist among a world of magical beings.  We are only one small part of the wondrous nature of their universe.

For those who know of our existence, a wondrous story is about to be revealed.  Come closer.  Listen closely.  We will tell you.  We will whisper our secrets in your ear.  You will not only discover more about us, but you will learn something new about yourself.

Are you ready for that.  Do you dare enter into this magical new realm.  Once seen it cannot be unseen.  There is no going back to ordinary.

There is nothing wrong with ordinary – that is a dimension of this universe and all dimensions are there to be explored.  But if you’re ready to leave ordinary – or if you’re ready to explore a deeper level of magic, then close your eyes – breathe in the magic of our dust and say YES.  Say yes to a new adventure.  Say yes to taking a trip to neverland.  Say yes to magic.  Then be prepared for the surprise of your lifetime.


© Song of Stones 2008