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Golden Energy

The golden stones have been singing softly but powerfully.  I’ve been hearing their song for quite some time but they chose now – this moment to reveal this message. 

It is a message of power … TRUE power.

It’s not the power of wealth but of true abundance.
Wealth they say is but an illusion.

It’s not power over another but power over yourself.
True and authentic power is not external.
Authority – true authority – is trust in yourself.
It’s leadership over one.  That one being YOU.

It’s not the power to “conquer” your fears.
It’s a greater power – an eternal power.
It’s that of accepting your fears
and loving yourself anyway.

You can’t really win a war against yourself – that’s not true “will power”.  It’s an illusion of ego.  Your fears are a source of great power.  When you suppress your fears you suppress that power with them.


The key to coming into courage is through your fears, not around, or over, or under them.  Your fears are guides to this path towards courage.

The lion in the story of Oz is a perfect illustration of the power of this golden energy.  He was courageous despite his fears – even perhaps because of them.  Lion is symbolic of courage and power.  It is no co-incidence that he is physically coloured by the golden energy.  The lion of Oz shook from fear and still stepped onto the “yellow” path to discovering his courage.

The yellow tone is akin to the golden energy.  They are different intensities of this same vibration of power.  They both offer to support you in stepping onto the path towards true authentic power.  Accept that support.  These colourful energies can be “inVALUABLE” guides on that journey of self discovery.

Crystal Colour

Of course it matters not how you connect with the golden rays.  My favorite way to explore colour is through the crystalline beings.  They vibrate unconditional love and acceptance and that is key when stepping on the path to power.  The stones offer one of the gentlest ways to integrate the golden energies into your life.

There are other ways you can bring the yellow tones in … through food or clothes or through visualization.  Trust your “authority”.  Choose freely from a place of true power rather than allowing ego to impose its will (or rather suppress yours).   Follow your heart to the yellow path rather than relying on the mind’s logic.



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