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Gifts come in many packages. Often times it is not the actually physical object itself that is the gift–no matter how beautiful or practical or sophisticated or high tech it may be. It’s the feeling that it brings that is the true gift.

When the package is not pretty 

Sometimes the gift is not so pretty. Sometimes the feeling we get is not so pleasant. Sometimes what comes through is fear and pain and when that’s the case, we don’t see a gift. We see disharmony. We see darkness. We see that something is wrong. Could it be that there is more here to see.

Could it be that from this darkness comes a gift so beautiful and so powerful that it could not come in any other way but through this passage through the blackness. Could it be that it holds so much light itself that it would not be seen against a backdrop of light.

The gift in crystals

What does this have to do with crystals? I’ll tell you. Each and every one of the stone beings comes as a gift and with a gift. It may not be what we might think of as a gift, but it is actually the truest form a gift can take in our world…unconditional acceptance and love. And those times that the gift comes through in darkness, it’s magic hidden beneath intense feelings of pain and fear and sometimes even panic, may be the most magical, profound and powerful of any gift.

The stone beings can show us that which we’ve buried deep in the blackness, put there to keep hidden those things we don’t want to face in order to spare ourselves some heartache. They offer support in bringing those long forgotten fears up to the surface to be seen in a new light. THAT is what true “healing” is all about.

Loving the flaws

It’s not about fixing something that we believe is wrong with us. It’s about coming face to face with our self-labeled “flaws” and loving ourselves anyway. It’s about seeing that those aspects of ourselves we’ve judged as imperfect are what make us who we are. That’s one of the gifts the stone beings have for all of us. They hold the frequency of love and complete acceptance, UNCONDITIONALLY..

So when you come across a crystalline spirit that causes an intense reaction within you, I invite you to take notice. Allow yourself to entertain the possibility that hidden in the discomfort is a magical gift. I don’t suggest that you dive in and explore the uncharted waters until you feel ready.

Choosing the gift

Have patience with yourself. It may not be time to come face to face with that particular facet of yourself which lies buried so deeply. However, being aware of the choice that is “present”ed to you can help you to understand the feelings rising up inside yourself. Only you can choose when to open up the gift you’re handed.

Please feel free to share some of the gifts you’ve received from a stone guide or crystalline being …