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focussing on the good things

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
Eleanor Roosevelt



When darkness comes into our lives, our natural reaction is to fear it––to worry about it – to “curse” it. We don’t always remember that there is another choice. We live in a time where the ancient mystical secrets are becoming available to anyone that seeks them out. Many of us are coming into awareness of the law of attraction and truly understanding what it means. We are beginning to see from experience that what we focus on in our lives EXPANDS. When we focus on the things that bring us joy and peace, our lives are filled with more joy and peace. When we focus on things that frighten us and stress us out, our lives are filled with more fear and stress.

So why not put our focus on things that will make us happy rather than on what we fear?

I’m not just asking this question rhetorically. Give it some thought and really answer the question. Besides what good will our worry do anyone? If worrying would help make things better, our world would be paradise. I know what you’re thinking … if you could stop worrying you would. But let’s say that you can stop worrying – would you want to? Would you choose to let go of worry if you could? That’s really the question. Let go of the thought that you can’t help worrying and see what your answer is. It may surprise you to find that you might not be as willing to give up worrying as you might first imagine. Because giving up worry means giving up control – even if that control is just an illusion.

It’s hard to avoid the stresses of our chaotic world. Things are happening that we can’t deny are frightening and horrific. But be aware that there are also things that are happening that are wondrous and truly miraculous––all the time.

The good stuff that happened in 2020

Stardust older than the sun was brought to the earth in a meteorite and we found it. We discovered a floating vertical coral reef that is taller than some of the world's highest skyscrapers! A 50,000 year old yarn fragment was uncovered that proves Neanderthals knew math. These are just a couple of the exciting discoveries that are consistently happening and we don't hear about them because the scary, frightening stuff is playing on a loop on the 24 hour news channel. (

While we can’t deny the stuff that brings nightmares to life, we do have a choice how we react to those things and what we give power and credence to in our daily existence. It is really up to you what you give more of your focus and attention to. 

That does not mean being ignorant to or avoiding the things that are happening in our world. But how much of yourself are you giving to those things. How much of your energy is depleted worrying about something that you can’t control or do anything about. Definitely if there is something you can to to alleviate the suffering in this world…DO IT. If something tragic happens and you have it within your power to help––in any way possible––DO SO. And there are two things that you can ALWAYS do no matter what the situation.

2 ways you can help


FIRST … love.

Love is a force that can’t be reckoned with.

Love conquers all.

All you need is love.

There’s a reason there are so many cliches around LOVE. So when you come upon news of tragedy and loss, you have it within your power to do something very powerful…hold/send/feel/be LOVE. Even if you only allow yourself ONE SECOND to clear your heart and your body and hold a loving thought––THAT can do more for the world than any amount of worry or fear or stress. That is how powerful love is.

Take 1 second right now!

Try it right now and see how the energy shifts. Take ONE SECOND only and focus on love––just put your focus on something or someone you love and let that fill your body and see how things change. You can do that. You have that power. I’m not saying it is always easy. I KNOW it is not always easy. But it is always a choice. Worry and fear mask the possibility that you can choose something else. But remember that you do have a choice.

NOTE: I used the word LOVE but you can replace that word with G-d, the Universe, Spirit or anything that you call that which fills you with the indescribable energy that all those cliches are about.

The 2nd thing is not selfish

SECOND – and this might sound selfish, so I ask you to hold judgement until you hear me out – put your focus on making your life the best that it can be. Every Soul in this world was created with purpose. That is to be all of who you are, whoever that might be. When you let yourself be who you truly are, you fill this world with that same energy we just spoke of … LOVE (or whatever word you call it). However, instead of spurts and bursts of love that take focus and energy to bring out, when you live authentically well, you will naturally emanate that sacred powerful energy at all times––with your mere presence.

Sacred Power

That’s what crystals do. They emanate this sacred power we are speaking of so effortlessly. Crystals do naturally what we humans work so hard to attain. That’s one of the reasons we are so attracted to them. They can be loving guides in a quest to emulate their power of presence. They can show us how to connect to the love energy, be it for short periods of time or with the intention of shifting into this state––our true state of being––permanently.

In the meantime, our stone friends can help us to ease and release our stresses and anxiety. Simply being in their presence can do that. Imagine the feeling of being out in nature – a walk in the forest, bare feet in the sand, the sound of the water, the majesty of the mountains. You can feel the same way when you’re around the stone beings. Their energy is that of a true and deep friendship that provides comfort in times of emotional turbulence/upset.

Which Crystals

There are certain crystals that come forward at this time to help us with stress and anxiety. Especially helpful are crystals that contain Lithium, ie. Lepidolite, Kunzite, Amblygonite and of course Lithium in Quartz. However, it’s best not to limit yourself to such generalities. Any crystal or stone can potentially evoke feelings of peacefulness. You can begin with the metaphysical guidebooks but ultimately you are your best guide. The right stone being will reveal itself to you if you trust. Until then, if you would like, we can listen for the one that is singing for you.