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Finding Joy

There are many ways to work with the stone beings. I want to show you the magic that happens when you go deep into presence with the crystals and listen to their song. If you open your heart to them in this way, they will show you the essence of who they are and that is where their medicine is. That is when a simple, ordinary stone becomes a guide into a powerful transformation — a soul journey stone.


A Journey with you

Without realizing it, I had been taking my community on a journey with just such a stone. It is magical jasper with the word “joy” naturally etched on her surface. She came forward to take us into an exploration of joy and in the process shows us what happens when we work with the crystals in this deeper way.

She began singing at the beginning of August, which happens to be my birthday month—I missed September by 1 day. It is a custom in my culture for one who is celebrating a birthday to give out blessings because on that day the words hold more power. This year, in addition to giving away my blessings, I have been inspired to give away JOY.


3 Gifts

The inspiration came to share the gifts of the jasper I call JOY throughout the month in 3 different ways: through a Crystal Blessing (a Song of Stones signature mindfulness meditation practice), with a Crystal Moon Message (message from a crystal on the new moon), and on the last day of the month, to hold a draw for a personal Star Song co-created with JOY (crystal elixir distance healing).

Through the Crystal Blessing, we connected to the energy of JOY the jasper and experienced her vibrations in our heart and body. Through the Crystal Moon Message, JOY’s song helped us to see the power of our sensitivities. Excerpt:


“The sensitivities that can feel like a burden to carry are the source of your greatest strength. They are the point of your power.” 

The Joy of Heaven

Then JOY’s song came through again in an unexpected way. I was doing some research on the internet into the Eleusinian Mysteries. The Elysium or Elysian Fields is a mythical afterlife - a type of paradise - the Ancient Greek’s version of what we call heaven. Through a series of clicks I was led to a quote that reminded me of the jasper stone. I immediately felt JOY’s energy, and understood the purpose of this detour from my work, as soon as I read this part ...


According to Eustathius of Thessalonica the word "Elysium” means “to be deeply stirred from joy”. 


It was as if she was taking us deeper into our understanding of joy. The connection between joy and heaven was instantly clear to me and I realized that JOY was showing me something profound. It somehow became clear to me now that in order to access the true sensation of feeling joy, we need to touch the essence of heaven while being fully present and grounded in our physical body on this earth.

(I only just this very minute realized the connection between JOY’s song and that of the Heart of Grounding crystal which I talked about in last month’s blog post.)

The crystals communicate their messages to us in many ways. Sometimes leading us to our epiphanies in very subtle ways as was the case this time. We must have a strong trust in our still small voice because it can be easy to pass off the synchronicities as coincidences.

Finding heaven on earth

So it’s all fine and good to understand what this being is telling us. Now how do we get there? How do we have a real experience of JOY? And let’s say we are able to get a glimpse of it, how do we stay in joy when there is so much in this physical reality that pushes us in the opposite direction?

One thing we can do is to open ourselves up to a little help from the stone beings, like JOY for instance. She holds the vibration of this energy of touching heaven while being fully grounded to the earth. Really all crystals do, but the medicine of this unique jasper stone reflects that energy in a way that helps us tap into it and experience it. Just like while all crystals have the potential to help us feel grounded, certain ones embody and emanate that energy and some come to us specifically for that purpose.


It's not for the faint of heart!

I feel that I need to warn you that opening up to JOY is not a journey for the faint of heart. To get to this point of heightened awareness and extreme pleasure, you must wade through the muck of the heavy emotions you have buried at the bottom of your heart. The more sorrow you’ve shoved down there, the thicker the sludge and the harder it will be to move through it.

I’ve been getting a taste of this during the past month and I can tell you that it’s not an easy path to move through. It didn’t dawn on me when I first heard the song of this crystal that playing with the lightness of JOY would inevitably lead to exploring the darkness of despair. It’s very easy to get stuck in some spots. I was stuck for a week just trying to articulate what I was feeling so that I could write this blog post.


A journey with JOY

Here I thought that JOY had come through to share her gifts as part of my birthday month blessings. But now I see that this was just one small part of her medicine. It was her way of inspiring me to take you through a month long journey revealing, layer by layer, the many aspects of this stone being. All so you could see with real examples, in real time, how to journey with a stone being.

When you play with the crystals in this way, they take you on a journey. Each revelation takes you deeper into understanding the crystal and while you are getting to know the crystal, you are also learning more about yourself. It’s a beautiful dance. Each step takes you into the next beat of the song and you go deeper into a transformation that you didn’t even necessarily realize that you were in the midst of.

That is what happened with me and JOY.