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Find your voice with Carnelian

The earth offers many gifts. Some are so common and abundant that the potency of their gift becomes obscured. We tend to seek out the rare, “valuable” stones. Like the Lemurians, Sacred Seven, Ascension stones, moldavite, Merlinite, K2, Ye ming zhu, and so on. Each of those have incredible gifts to offer, but sometimes, the more common, abundant and affordable stones have the most magic for us.

Carnelian is one of those stones.

I experienced the magic of Carnelian, many years ago, around the time I rediscovered the stone beings. I had just started attending some classes, and trying to find more confidence in myself. I was a very different person back then. I had quite a bit of social anxiety. I began taking Carnelian to classes with me and I noticed that I was feeling more comfortable in my skin. I was speaking up more. Asking more questions. The classes became more enjoyable. I began speaking more often to the other students, forging friendships that have continued to this day.

Soon I started to notice that it wasn’t necessary to have my carnelian with me. That new ease and confidence became more natural. I no longer had to work at it. That seed it planted grew. I am not only more at ease attending classes and groups, I now lead several.

Easy Transitions

Carnelian came up in conversation recently at a book club I host. I shared a story about how I had been struggling with waking up in the morning. Transitions of any kind are challenging for me, but at the time, getting out of bed every day was the focus.

I was inspired to co-create a Star song with a trio of Carnelians and just like that, waking up became instantly easier. But that was not the most magical thing. Everything became easier. Life was easier. Overnight, everything that felt like a struggle for me—and the list was long—suddenly became easier.

(I realized that I repeated the word easier so many times and went to edit that paragraph a little, but I changed it back because, easier is the word the best fits and saying it 3 times had purpose. That’s the sense I get and I’m going to trust it.)

Remembering Carnelian

Sharing that story with the group, sparked a memory in one of the other members about how Carnelian helped her through a very challenging time in her life. She had no doubt that this stone helped her through it. It served as a reminder to call on her Carnelian more often—she might even get it right after our meeting ended.

The book club happened to be taking place during a full moon—and eclipse. I hadn’t realized it yet, but Carnelian was to be the volunteer for the Crystal Moon Message (a whispered message that a crystal shares every new and full moon). Four of them were singing—so it would be a group message. The number 4 had come up many times recently (one of which was at our last live Crystal Zoom meditation).

A flood of creativity

I planned to listen for the message from this Carnelian Quartet that evening, but it didn’t come. I kept the stones and my crystal message journal nearby. I carried them up and down the stairs every night when I went to bed and every morning when I woke up. It came time to send the message out to the community in the Sunday Sparkle and I still hadn’t heard the message, except for the words, “find your voice”.

However, in the meantime there’s been a flood of creative inspiration pouring in. Everyday new creative ideas were filling my thoughts and I’m sure this Carnelian quartet was the reason for that.

Easing trauma

It is not really surprising. Carnelian is know to be a stone of creativity. It’s one that is recommended to performers. What is not well known is that Carnelian is also a beautiful stone to help move through grief. It might be that its colour has something to do with it. Orange is a colour that eases trauma, but I believe that is just one part of Carnelian’s magic.

Whether this beautiful stone is an old friend or one you have not connected with yet, I invite you to call on Carnelian and see what gift it has for you. It might not lead to one of the transformations that we spoke of here. It might be something completely different. But I do promise that it has some magic for you.